Terabithiya – the bridge we need to find to get to.

Hello Dear People:

I share with you a realization that moves and inspires me into living and putting forth my best effort. It certainly is a reality that makes the world a better place to live in. Do let me know what you think. Tnx. (Do click on the link below, tnx).

Terabithiya – the country within

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Poise – an achievement to work for

You freak out when things get worse and you freak out when things get better because both may simply be unfamiliar and it takes some getting used to and then sometimes normalization happens (of the worse or the better) until someone makes you aware of that which you took for granted (normalized) and then it becomes fresh again like this odd thing that you need to learn how to handle again, like a hot cup of coffee that you need to learn how to balance so that you can be cool as you hold this hot thing that they call poise. And then you become a little more ..mature?

Sometimes the most difficult to handle is ‘bigger than what I am now,’ whether worse or better, and then you need your tortoise or turtle neck sweater to dive into and peek-a-boo from until you feel safe again and venture out and try on this new something that showed up for size and fit and accept or discard.

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The reason seems to basically boil down to one thing – “I know better than you” – in its various forms.

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Dieting my life

I have put on weight, a full 9.1 kgs that I need to shed says my HealthifyMe app. I know it comes from eating when I need to (not necessarily when I want to) and dealing with things I dont really need to, and from largely surviving life rather than living it the way I want to, though people largely think that I do exactly that and then I have to deal with that too! So I have put on weight. I certainly want to look my best version and for that I also need to diet my life so that I get to lean mass (pun intended). By dieting my life, I dont necessarily mean shedding people out of it but that could happen. Afterall, those who stay in my life are the ones who can stay. It takes grit and gumption to be doing what I am doing and to ‘have what you have never had you need to do things you have never done before,’ and all that.

It is a call for a lifestyle change. Whatever else does dieting mean? I dont know. I haven’t really dieted before. I love my version of it.

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On questions and answers..

Our prior answers at the farthest stretch of their validity gives rise to question that those answers can no longer answer to. Those prior answers then become the ancestors of the next generation of answers arising from question that could not be answered by hitherto far answers. Our discoveries in time and space have sometimes left answers to unasked questions and sometimes answers that only suffice to a timeperiod of the answers’ validity but not supply to future generation of questions. Our parents are sometimes like these answers; they help nurture until the next generation begin to ask questions arising from the present set of circumstances, questions that the parents never had to consider, leave alone needing to attempt answering them. It is not the parents’ fault that they did not consider such questions. It is not the next generations fault that they ask such questions or expect the parents or ancestors to answer them, but there might be clues to solving the present questions from patterns or odd answers that stuck nowhere in their generation but could strike a bell in the issues faced in the present generation that could be the cog then but the wheel now that propels thinking and gives direction to present thinking and conduct.

One could go lifetimes not having been exposed to some experiences and hence not know that they exist, but having then been exposed, chunks in the walls of worlds hitherto far unknown begins to crack open wider as curiosity now peers through these cracks hitherto far not know existed, and then the walls to our limits starts getting stretched and our horizons widen and the walls of our minds begin to crumble to newer possibilities.

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A walk to re-member

I trekked, again, yesterday.

Basic sketch of the trek? Bangalore Trekking Club (BTC) organisers, Dinesh Yadav and Subha Sundaram, chose the train route as the fastest means to get to Rayakotti with 2 meeting point stations from which to join together as a team in the train. From Majestic the train was delayed by half hour and started at 7:35 and we were joined from Byappanahalli by the rest of the team. After an enjoyable train ride, eventually getting to know each other better en route, we alighted at Rayakottai, Tamil Nadu, station at about 9:45. After a pack-your-lunch stop at a local restaurant, we walked to Rayakottai hills. We climbed for the upstretch of 2 km in xx:xx time (I did not note the time we took because I had so much to look around and be awed/stress-and-refind strength/discover by!). We got to the top, explored the different view spots, clicked a lot of photos, teased each other and had fun, prodded/admonished/tricked/encouraged each other to stretch our limits, had lunch there and then descended to a cool cove amidst the rocks for some interesting games and then further descended to have some cool drinks and then catch a bus to Majestic so that we could all be in Bangalore by 7:30 max.

The above is the rough sketch. I love the details. The following is my learning-journal cum savor-as-much-flavors-from-remembered retrospection. Please feel free to dismiss if you have no patience for a long read as mine tends to be when I am all excited and digging into the opportunity of a thorough re-examination. Why miss an opportunity when there is so much to learn from retrospection, from examining and reliving an experience so that I can be amazed from retrieved info (and always be surprised by what my brain has been picking up while I was not consciously aware of its workings) and then pour the learnings thus retrieved into the blank timespace that is the present from where the future comes to be? This is my space and this is how I think I make the best out of the time and effort I would put/invest in doing this activity! (I hope the Reader enjoys/finds something to enjoy in/inspite of my, umm, rambling, back-and-forth style of doing so).

Following rhythms. (For those who don’t know me, I am a Body Intelligence Facilitator, and I study/observe rhythms in and of life to facilitate health). I had lots of rhythms to follow and explore and be surprised with as you would (hopefully) come to see in the following.

Yesterday, I trekked again. Rayakottai, the place is called. Historically, it was one of the favorites of the Tippu sultanate and that of his father, Hyder Ali. It has marks of its strategic build of structures in choice places and then marks of it being destroyed later, and now there are plants of interesting poignant silence growing everywhere around the crumbling structures and igneous rocks that stand witness to the passage of time.

We were 15 of us this time; 15 unknown people (2 of which I apparently knew – ‘apparently’ because we hardly really know even our own near and dear ones, very so often with our eyes clouded with prejudice, marring the chance to see their change through moments of time that is the present that changes the next moment. So, it was a walk to remember and re-member, at least for me, what lies beneath under the dust of Rayakottai and what we call as our known selves.

The journey started when I applied for it. ‘One-day trek’ said the invite, and I went (!). Then the difficulty status said ‘easy’ and I went (!!) and applied. Besides I had been getting crabby cloistered in the known almost hamster-in-the-wheel’ish and this in spite of my very varied Alice-in-wonderland explorative thinking-imagining mind, but it is mostly in my own space. I needed fresh material and fresh ground for my ‘rubber to meet the road.’ (I did not think exactly this way but perhaps my brain was doing that in the unconscious. You are what you think and you do even unconsciously what you think and have been thinking. Watch what you think has been the wiseman’s advice. I did not/dont know how good/robust is my thinking and where/what I dont know that I need to work on so that I don’t end up being pushy in my enthusiasm while there are miles to be covered in having the Planet be a humane place to live in. I certainly have work to do in this regard and am certainly ‘work in progress’ unto perfection, AND Rome was not built in a day but was certainly built with consistent everyday work). A trek is good enough. And then came what would it be worth the while for me at this point in time that would get the hamster-me out of the wheel. Exertibility, I decided. Muscle-power, but then I do have a pretty multifaceted brain, and so do we all, and mine added more to the list of want-to-have-wons en route and the following ensued.

Very serendipitously, the journey started by train; you know the cliche ‘we are all fellow-travellers in the train of life, we all aboard the train at some point and travel together in this train-compartment, spend some time together, and alight when our stations come to continue on in our own journeys.’ Well, we boarded at 2 pickup stations – Majestic and Byappanahalli – and alighted together at Rayakottai, Tamil Nadu. Crowded train with the inflow and outflow of every-age-group people, each with their concerns and aspirations, sometimes catching an eye over the expanse of the compartment, sometimes jostling by on their way in or out. Nice variety of currents in the flow of people en route. We boarded the train at 7:10, but the train-people had a mind of their own and started the train chugging at 7:35. I was so engrossed in the goings on, I did not note the time we reached Rayakottai; I was in the ‘live in the infinite present moment’ mindframe! We halted for a pack-a-potluck lunch briefly and then walked our way to Rayakottai – the hill proper.

She loomed ahead of us, with boulders of different sizes, a majestic big rock for her head, green shrubbery promising interesting nooks and crevices, and for decoration she had the trident symbol of the Tirumala temple fame painted across several of her rocks. A religious trek?! Well, I hadn’t planned on what to expect so, surprise! This was turning out to be a mystical trek as well. Well, that is what a journey is, ay? A determination, a road to traverse, a destination, and whatever serendipitous there could be en route. I purposefully did not checkout pictures or historical details or anything about this place as I also wanted it to be a journey to discover. Bangalore Trekking Club would prove to be contained space in which to explore new grounds this time too, I was about to discover.

The trek was supposedly short – about a 45 minute climb up and about same down – 2 KM each way. For me, with all the sights to take in and the mostly-sitting lifestyle with moderate physical exertion, the boulders challenged my physical exertibility. I huffed and puffed my way a few distance, then rest and find more stream and strength to go the next stretch. I don’t know how the body manages to get stronger with brief rests! For sure, rest is the secret to exertibility, if not performance? or at least, there is some of the magic in it. There were steps all over the place, afterall it was a fort of yore. I could not help sensing a sort of yearning or sadness or desolation in the serene, expansive, quiet air. The hill was certainly alive waiting for those who would come and attempt to know her better. She also had a little green pool amidst the rocks and I met a crab there, and another cove amidst the rocks where some one thought it beautiful enough to build a little brick and mortar structure – the roof is destroyed now but I cannot but wonder at the sense of beauty that someone or some people wanted to be a part of by living in there, I imagine (coz’ I have no idea what that structure was built there for). I degressed into reverie. You, dear Reader, should visit this place and then you would forgive me for degressing every so often here. It is so full of wonder! Good for exercising the imagination-muscle, so important to keep the ability to dream alive, for in dreaming is hope and the impetus to live a better life!

Interestingly, one way or the other, people seemed to be teasing each other about their names – some were okay about their names being called anyhow, some almost dismissively pronounced their last names, some did not have a last name. I happen to have trained in Systemic Constellations and had no plans of exercising my curricular interests during the trek but here inadvertently was names on focus, and we were on a trek to a historical spot, which basically is tradition (the fort has come about from people having lived there, which is why it is his-story’cal). How rooted are we in our ancestoral line, I had to wonder, for we were named by people who live now whose genes came from people who lived before them; our lives today came to be because there were people with genes that is in us today who lived such that they could survive what they had to live/survive through so that life could come to us that we enjoy by being able to be alive. Our names encapsulate that history – the story that has moved through the genes – encapsulated in our second names; our first names label you/I (we call a chair ‘chair’ to identify the structure; we call a person by name because that Name is the phonetic signature identifying only that one person and no one else). How can a name be allowed to be taken lightly or mispronounced even by the person whose name it is and if allowed to, what does that say about our own relationship with our identifying signature – our name? A walk to re-member, in deed.

“As you travel more, you start finding joy in small small things and you discover you dont need much to survive.” “You start relying more on yourself.” We had some profound conversations with some very interesting people. This is my second trek and I found the rich variety this time too. It is really interesting who embarks on a trek and why, and then with a club where the unknown variables are more. A responsible club accounts for variables in tried and tested ‘knowns’ as the structure by which the unknown is explored. I continue to wonder at the variety and the spirit that chooses such trails. The grit and gumption by which such trails are pursued and the verve it takes to conquer the unknown peak. This thought, of course, is a known for the regular trekkers for they are now dyed in the wool, imbued with what becomes possible through trekking, but for a second-timer this is a thought I am writing about and perhaps a thought that non-trekkers do not have available to think about.

There was so much hide and seek going on en route. Not literally but then in the persona of people. This is not new, of course, and one does not need to go on a trek to discover this. Personas in a person playing hide and seek is an everyday phenomenon. The little inner child exploring a line of thought or movement while having an everyday conversation, or a home maker trying a little extra of a spice in a regular dish or less and that ‘I dont know how that happened’ look is not really feigned but the dynamism of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds within the currents of the same person. The question is does one care to look? Does one care enough? Does one care. Period. And then, what does one do with the quantity/magnitude of care of what they care about. Is it just left as an insight? With a group of unknown people, that is another ‘variety’ I had to observe in this so-many-layers-of-variety trek.

The organizers, Subha Sundaram and Dinesh Yadav, did a beautiful job of syncing and coordinating between each other to hold the space together in which we participant trekkers could explore so much variety. Kudos to whatever they did to pull that off the way they did. They even managed to have a muscle-exertion reluctant me (read, resistent to climb up versus the easy descent) to climb up the same incline twice and I think I did it faster. Were they focusing also on increasing our cardiovascular efficiency or musculoskeletal strengthening? They may be coz’ the game of Ping-Pong involved pushups as a penalty for the wrong move. Improving athletic prowess must be part of the plan. Well, nevertheless, they did it well. (We reascended to eate lunch at the peak after we descended a little distance thinking of eating at the cove and then after the lunch, we redescended to also enjoy the shade and serentity of the cove for the game. We got what we wanted and they managed to get us exercise-stretch our limits too. Nicely done!

We had 3 youngsters amongst us – students. They brought an energy and a dash of modernity that is fresh and not the suave/polished kind that comes about with refinement but of a brand of its own. The new and of a spirit that is yet to dazzle but is in the making. It is kind of endearing to see this spirit in flittering hide-and-seek but also going through the motions of growing up – the doubts and trials and tribulations that is part and parcel of growing up. Only someone who is going through the motions of deliberate effort to grow in a desired manner would know when the actions or outcomes are not according to expectation and in those moments is where doubts and all those things mentioned in Kubler-Ross’ change curve comes alive and one needs to go through them before emerging better than before. It is beautiful and yet sort of heart-wrenching, much like you would perhaps when you see a caterpillar attempting to come out of its pupa in its attempt to become a butterfly and you want to help it but the caterpillar needs to go through what it needs to go through TO become the butterfly. How does one do it right when you dont know how to do it right though you know something needs to be done and you learn how to do it right only by paying attention to the feedback and the feedback only comes after you do it?! Do it, then rinse and repeat, I guess. I am sure the Sistine Chapel came about after many not-to-right compositions and those compositions were done for real on real canvas and then some feedback and criticism. The best is yet to be and the best is in the making, in the doing and in the constructive adjustment/accommodation of meted out criticism/feedback.

They did it again! Was it planned or is it in their ‘organizers’ manual’ if there is one on how to organize a trek that there be people of many levels of experience in a trek? I think most likely, considering there was so much lookout for first-timers. It feels like a well-watched-out for, watched-over learning, learning to be, and becoming space. It is humane microculture movement. It feels nice to be seeing this in retrospection. I dont think I would have really thought about this, spending so much time on it if I had just had an ‘aha’ moment of ‘this is probably what BTC is doing’ than with writing about it where I need to deliberate on what I did not know my mind was noticing. Yup, retrospection has multiple benefits, especially writing about the experience. I guess this is how ‘writing therapy’ emerged, where someone writes about difficult experiences and then the good and bad bits get sorted out and learnings emerge, so that a person is not stuck in the difficult bits of the experience but become stronger for it and better, and healthier.

For all of this good rich experience, I paid Rs. 130/- and that was calculated end of the day to include the travel expenses and food whatever may have been consumed as a group foraged en route. And I thought good ol’ altruism for better stronger human spirit was diminishing?! What was I thinking?!

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From earth, we butterfly matter-energy-matter-energy…until we come to Earth en route decrusting and crusting and decrusting and crusting again as we discover self and All That There Is (my version of Earth/matter/core!)

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Following a trail within and without myself

I went on my “first” trek with BTC (Bangalore Trekking Club) yesterday. {I quote-unquote first because I didn’t think climbing up a flight of stairs (659 steps) on a temple hill (Palani) and edgily climbing up the Avani hill as ‘trekking.’ (Talk about word-labels changing the ‘experience’ via change of meaning!).}

With a mix of emotions, the predominant of which is a squirm (like the pupa whose cocoon is a little small for its growing size that it don’t quite know which way to stretch to relieve the discomfort), I decided to set out on a journey to explore unfamiliar grounds. It is called Hutri Durga – an apparently crumbling embankment/fortress in Kunigal district of Karnataka. More than a historical place, it represented a height I had not explored, a history of Earth I had not stretched into before within and without. Besides, it is rock and I dont really know rock. It is hard and tough but it seemed made of something else that has gotten so certain that it is hard and tough to weather change and then further become. The hill seemed to let me know that on the onset – you dont know me – so I set forth to get to know this enigma.

We were a group of 21 people (as trekkers and 1 driver) so a total of 22 people – 22 unknown living beings from different States in India and from varying different backgrounds of which I barely had any inkling of and occupations and levels/fields of education and hobbies – come together to explore a trail and to discover what there may be to discover en route.

I stretched, alright – spirit, body, mind, soul – in ways I did not think there was to stretch. For a start, I had not told my parents or any of my people about any of it. There was my dad’s phone number given as emergency contact and I was dearly hoping that would not be used, that I had taken into account all that needed to be taken into account for my own safety. I needed to learn to take care of myself (in a way that would surpass the need of my parents oversee for safety and, yes, that is an important know-where-your-whereabouts-are grounding network but then I wanted to check if that may not be my subtle strategy to remain attached to subtly manipulating to check if someone is missing me or not and how much; that I may want to be missed or checked for the degree of missed’ness by having a network of awareness following my whereabouts, as though I, in some way, need that to concretize my existence on earth, without which I might as well be nonexistent? That my existence is only via my connections and the degree of missed’ness, and not by choice and quality of existence via value in my own estimate (a bit of an existential exploration there so an existential-stretch, so to speak). Second, I had not done much physical exercise to claim physical fitness except to check if I felt hydrated enough to endure a 7 km walk (possibly uphill on rocks from the blog photos of it from prior trekkers). Third, my shoes were pretty new and that meant unknown personal partner with good credentials but with unfamiliar nuances. (I socked myself well to cushion the ‘new’ I thought, but it turned out to be beneficial in unthought of ways). Fourth, the uphill trek was cardiovascular challenge, which somehow became possible because the hill helped me, it seemed. It certainly is a formation of the 5 elements (earth, water, air, fire and space..literally) and climbing up that incline showed me how literally the elements support each other – my space with the hill and surrounding’s space, my breath by their air, my questionable physical fitness with the solidarity and presence of its physicality, my spirit with their inherent , time-lapse evolved knowingness and mutual getting-to-knowness, my insufficient-hydratedness (I just cant/wont seem to hydrate myself well enough!) with their fluidity of time. I somehow managed to get to the top and come back down too, and I am amazed by it all (I dont really want to think about how, lest I spoil that space between the known and unknown in the absence of which things get mechanical/formulae’d and yang’d; I’d rather the magic between yining the yang and yanging the yin stays intact). Fifthly, it is the 21 (+1, the driver of our vehicle) people who were the every-in-betweens that held the space in which we journeyed together, discoverying self and all that there is by trial and error and coming to a deeper understanding of ourselves (myself, for sure) and the world around. It felt like one body of 22 organs (22 people as one team/unit) set out to discover an unknown simulatenously looking after each other in unconstricting ways but certainly encouraging to discover and learn and get better and stretching the limits just enough to find the next stable’able footing to amoeba into (unlike the amoeba’s ‘walk’ using its pseudopods) and thereby grow a little more. Certainly I pupa-stretched from my cocoon!

Other surprise learnings? Cleanup, money/expenses, food/potluck, and attention-enhancing activities! First the attention-developing activities bit. I first thought they were fine mind-games; ‘those who use xx and yy words through the day will have interesting penalties to pay at the hill top,’ ping-pong game of adopt alternative name. You wont believe how much attentiveness can be developed by these subtle very very fine methods. Kudos to the organizers for including these strategies for their sheer survival requirements via alertness during the trek. One wrong unattentive footing and it could be a painful slide down a rock. Clearly honing attention skills is a survival advantage!

Now, for the food bit. We were told lunch would be potluck. I couldnt bring myself to cook at 4:00 in the morning and be ready to start for the journey by 6:00 after packing, so I chose lunchbox packing at breakfast stop point. Not many in the group thought similarly and at lunch time we had several kinds of food and interdependence adjustments for quantity. Whatever may have been the reason for such, and there certainly are always real reasons for deficit, I found myself grazing and filling my tummy just enough to uncurl my stomach for the next exertion up another part of the hill. Just enough. I think that was important. I have tended to fill up my tank full with the undercurrent of ‘dont know when is going to be my next meal’ and then I run with whatever fuel went in and as long as it can go. If it runs out, I manage. I have been in several kinds of potlucks but this particular one, where survival and codependence and teamspirit are important, fooding became a matter of feed the entire body of teammates so that everyone has had their tanks filled well enough to function well enough as one organism as much as possible. Afterall we are a team and even one person not functioning sufficiently, lags others. Of course we had knick-knacks to munch (I had something in my bag for emergency) but it was important to de-‘only me’ and think more ‘team’ – to stretch my boundaries – and that there is this way to stretch too is a surprise discovery that I am still ‘munching’ on; I dont really know how far does the implication of this go. I also discovered that I need to tank up enough to be able to appreciate ‘team’; that the pilot’s warning of ‘put on the oxygen mask yourself first before helping others’ is a valuable advise, but just enough is good enough to begin with, and things can be made better. Another hard-hitting revelation? I forgot the driver. I counted him in at the start of the trip but then conveniently did not continue to include his presence except when in the mini bus. He did not eat lunch until we were kind of back into the City. My definition of ‘team’ is convenience-based in construct, I embarrassedly find; utilitarian. I perhaps relate to myself in similar ways for the wise say ‘you do onto other as you do to yourself.’ Certainly, an ‘expand your horizon’ revelation, within and without.

Now for the money bit. The trek money was paid for upfront, and the food en route was seemingly ‘free’ because we did not have to pull out our wallet, because the money came from what I had already paid (the organizers had managed to account for food that is breakfast snacks en route, the mini bus expenses, money towards the BTC fund from which various other make-a-better-Planet events are conducted, and then managed to pay back remaining amount of Rs.100 when the cost for this one-day trip paid upfront is Rs.500!) and that revealed a bit of philosophical insight (read, behavior-revelation) – how I behave when the expenses are taken care of by someone else – a spillout from ‘daddy paid the bills’ days, I suppose (I had to catch myself from overindulging so that I toe’d the straight line of prudence, which I managed to do, or so I think coz I just saw such tendency only now. The philosophical insight? We each have 86400 seconds in a day, and that is pretty much like the Rs.500 paid upfront on the start of each day and how I spend my 86400 money through the day. Do I behave like ‘daddy’ pays the money so I can use my ‘time/money’ as and how I wish, when in fact I paid the money upfront by which I kinda bought my day by my choices the previous day?

(I certainly, in my expense planning, need to include time spent doing free service (like the BTC organizers – Dinesh Gupta and Subha Sundaram did from the expense sheet they shared post event) because it has such huge dividends towards paid services, I learn. Certainly, free-service time is a sacred discovery/learning/on-the-field realtime feedback exploring space so that the best of my insights/learnings from it can be channeled into value(read, money) exchanged ‘roads/endeavors’ in my field of main interest/quest. My free-service time, I think/find, is other than the ‘bed’ of my everyday life, which involves, you know, interacting with people in casual and serious talks, doing the activities of daily living that includes but is not limited to my physical/mental/spiritual/emotional/intellectual stretches for mind-body-spirit-intellect-emotional-soul well-being (a ground to practice kriya yoga or mindfulness in action, as I understand it) so that I produce only the best that I can produce and offer it to the world for a price post the product-quality assessment/assurance/analysis in my everyday living of what I quest to perfect as my produce – the essence/summum bonum of what I do during my tenure on Planet Earth. (Ref: Almight.Inc and the University).

Now, for the cleanup. On a purely voluntary-only invite, Dinesh invited the group to clean up the surroundings. What this turned out to be is a take-away-traces-of-littering drive. There was this temple on the hilltop and devotees left pooja materials in the temple which perhaps was cleaned out into the surroundings. Plastics by visitors/trekkers, bottles, wrappers. They dotted the space in unnatural ways. We cleaned them up as much as possible on the hilltop and all the way down the trail to the base of the hill. On looking back down the trail we were coming off of, we left the hill and the trail and better place than what we found it; made Earth a better place to tread on to that extent. We collected our organic and inorganic waste in polythenes and brought it with us to the City and will be dumped in municipal garbage collectors as the villagers around there did not have much resource to take care of such litter. A little care does go a long way for at least the next trekker along that trail and a few more others if these following trekkers do not litter.

(On the way back to the City, we briefly trod along a sandy path to a small dam whose name I did not quite catch. There were entry passes and permissions to be obtained so we could not quite get to the dam itself, just had an ‘overview.’ It was not part of the original plan but then we did start out on a trail/journey and we were bound to find whatever there could be found and the possibility of discovering something on the dam site is happenstance. I dont really think there are accidents in life. For one thing, I found that my shoes could grip sand well too; it has been a dear on the rocks. I am yet to develop confidence in myself to be able to fully appreciate the shoes I have! And then there is the sky. I dont think I really appreciated the sky as much until the main purpose of our visit to that site was thwarted. Since we could not gain entry to it, we sort of lolled around and I took in what there was to take in. There were other people from local areas who were gazing at the dam and it was an interesting panorama of varieties and happy learnings.)

So, after a soul-enriching, body-stretching, existential squirming (with the Creator/Universe, I suppose), mind and spirit-expanding trail through an untrodden path with an endearing group of people, I find that from taking the road less travelled by (as Robert Frost’s “two roads diverged in a wood and I took the road less travelled by..”) that has made the difference that could not perhaps have otherwise been possible.

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Polarities/pow-wow yin-yangs

There is the yin and yang selves of me at play – a kind of pow-wow-until-the-other’s-end bashers at worst, pow-wow challengers somewhere in the middle and complementary each-will-win-plus-an-even-bigger-win partners at best. Some even call it the light and shadow-selves pow-wowing. Each have their plus and minus points in different contexts (you dont use a sword to stitch a torn cloth nor use a needle in war, though there are some interesting uses there). The point is to identify which of the duo are at play and arrive at the best combo dynamics. Some call it the particle-antiparticle physics dynamics but then as it is in the macrocosm so it is in the microcosm.

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Visible-to-invisible bridges #1

Do you see the beauty of it all? There is, what is called popularly as Karma, but then it is really like our judiciary system. It evaluates in real time the rightness and wrongness of a conduct (even if it is only in thought) and according to the rightness and wrongness dispenses consequences to recompense for the conduct to bring things in balance. A ‘prison’ term is basically a person willing to go through the hellfire of a breakage from Harmony so that the extra energy is discharged and the system can come back to balance. The Judiciary system is the physical manifestation of ‘Karma’ in the nonphysical realm. If a person can go through the hellfire of ones trauma (which is basically anything that breaks away from the flow/harmony/happiness) then flow/harmony/happiness restores. It is happening in realtime. Too much goodness is just as much as offensive if it is not wholesome and this is something not much thought about. Imbalance calls for balance to be restored, however may be the nature of imbalance. How well is the discernometer in a person is the key to curbing Karmic autorecompensation being put in motion.


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