Who am I (3)

I am the singular and I am the plural AND there is you probably just as much as there is I and are a horizon I do not know much about.


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Yes, it is complex!

It is ALL complex. Life is complex! If you want to understand life, then get used to complex and get ready to decipher complex. If you want it all simple, go become an amoeba. You are born as a human being BECAUSE you can handle complex and arrive at wholesome, sustainable solutions that works for everyone. Behave like one!

(On the other side of complex is simple but to get to that simple, you need to get through the complex. To get to and through the complex, start with the simple and doable).

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So, what’s your story?

Our stories make us. We draw upon and imbibe from stories around us or that which we are exposed to. Some of us actively expose ourselves to stories – those of us who know the value of will. We become the stories through gradual imbibation. We tell the dialogues (in our minds or through our mouths) from scripts taken from other stories (stories of other people, dialogues we are subjected to through everyday conversations with other people, stories from books, movies, lyrics, fairy tales, folklore, history) and the material colluded through mix n’ match to make our own narratives. Those of us who have deliberated on creating our own stories deliberate on eliminating plagiarism (by paying close attention to the stories that run through our minds and is uttered through our mouths) until the stories imbibed are distilled and the essence therefrom becomes part of the stories that we are. The fabric of the person keeps changing all through the process (our photographs from young childhood to adulthood is evidence of our material changing through development of our stories). Some of us deliberate on distilling our stories until there is just one story and the person becomes one story – embodied. We are all bits of information. What story are you?

Who am I? (2)

It is when I do what has not been done before that I come more into being. I come from the unknown into the known and in-form the existing. I am the new.

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A followup thought from Livingly nonliving ..




I do have a tendency to use my different tools like things, and not quite see how these tools have life of their own and are inherently connected to other tools in a clock-innards fashion. (I guess I just said something wise that is not common thinking to a lot of people but insight value aside) the violence in such utilitarianism is (still) jarring.

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We Are Fragile Things – http://wp.me/p6qoDs-ka

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Trauma – the fourth way to enlightenment!

It is like the earth’s crust getting a bit of an earthquake. In early days of Earth, there was just one nice little piece of sand and whatnots that we called the crust, just as most of us had one perfectly formed reality that we thought life is. It is a bit like the frog’s well – that is all there is for that frog, for that is all that the frog can see.

Then something happened and there were earthquakes and the earth’s tectonic plates shifted. The world was never the same after a few incidences and that which was called reality shook and then what was thought to be true had to be relooked at. The world was never the same coz something shifted in consciousness. Some call it trauma. It may just be that that something caused the tectonic plates to shift so that new realities had to emerge – new continents came up and new civilizations certainly did. New reality. Variety. And yes, there are residues from the plates shifting – landslides, hillocks, arroyos – basically new land terrains. So also from living through a reality-shaking experience there are residues – hurts, pain, experiences that may be too difficult to put into words. It has also been said that with traumatic experiences, there is a shift in the brain makeup so that there is an alteration in consciousness and hitherto far untapped senses awaken that some call as psychic sensibilities – telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfaction, clairgustance, claircognizance (which basically I think are finer ranges in the very same 5 senses of smell, taste, sight, hearing and feeling and the sixth sense of knowing/cognition)

It is like the crust broke and liquid from within leaked out, like the earth’s crust gave way and molten lava poured out. Sometimes it is a table of water that was just under the crust that wanted the crust to break for the water to come out. And then something happens again and the plates shift more. The waters within convection some more (churn?) and stuff from more deep within comes out, maybe brackish, maybe some crocodiles or primal instincts or instincts that let you know existentially deeper instincts that makes you tug and pull and scream at the cages that makes you less than alive. It may seem like a monster but the monster is alive in that it has an energy and emotion that insists at being alive just because it exists. And then something more happens then and perhaps some wisdom seeps through this time from deep within and what you see as reality shifts some more. Now with all of this, the world-view and what is generally called as the world means something different now with each of these happenings. It gets better or it gets worse, but nevertheless there are dimensions now (the world may seem more richer and fuller or rounder, or concaver and hollow or flatter) and dimensions bring variety in perceptibility, and uniqueness in what a person sees and has to offer.

Now all of this couldn’t happen without stuff getting shaken a bit, now could it? We are truly multidimensional, more like onions (as Shrek says in the movie, Shrek) – we have layers. {Not like cabbage with leafy layers or a lotus though some of us are flaky like a leafy cabbage or lotus with many separatable (ok ok I know the correct word is ‘separable’ but there is something more said in the word ‘separatable’ than ‘separable’ I think, something in the sound of the word) petals, but they are still whorls and onion has nice round complete-circle layers whereas lotus has the layers with many separatable petals in layers. Get the picture?}. Now if a person has never seen the layers within themselves, the person never really claim to know themselves, ay? The tea/coffee cup had to be stirred to surface the undissolved sugar crystals at the bottom. If you think life is all quiet and neat and nice and not much in excitement, then maybe you need to put yourself in unfamiliar ground and get shaken up and bit 🙂

The problem is if there is no movement. If you just get stuck with the fact that reality got shaken and you don’t build on whatever stuff you thought works and instead keep looking at stuff that don’t work. The stuff you thought works may not be entirely all working but something in it did work, and once some time is spent in figuring out what that is, there is scope for improvement of stuff that works, and the scope for improvement is the biggest hope that there is. It pulls life into that space and then life has gotta find a way. Life always finds a way. And once that stream of life is dug into that flow deep and rich at the bottom (read heart of all things), it could get addictive. It is like getting drunk on the cup of life. It is like the enticing flash in the pan. Once you get a taste of it, it stays in your memory imprinted and then with every experience that you come to finding things that work and work your way through stuff and hit again at the stream of life, that memory gets stronger, and you get wiser; more and more enlightened on who you are and what life is all about.

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Twilight zone

There is a place where the individual and the divine dine together
They serve ambrosia, which is between birth and death, and an assortment of textures
..for the child and elderly and every age in between.

The air is still and a whisper breezes not unheard
There is music in there with rhythms unborn and lyrics unworded
but music that enriches the deaf even

The waters well up from depths within,
of a texture someone between honey and warm water
The water within nourishes from within but imbues from without

It is rich in spirit, not bought with exchange of money ordinary
The gold here has shades of sweat and wisdom and transient for something richer
It is old wine for the discerning soul

It is not a place you go to but come to
It has always been there with its delicacies for the fine diner
Have you sipped from its cup yet? It is called life and its cup is full…waiting.

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Dancing to one’s own drum


When there is no thought of ones own (or) not taken the time to think through things to have ones own opinion (or) been pulled and pushed around by other people and their thoughts, a person could just as well be a puppet in someone else show, living someone else’s life and just as well be a nonliving thing, for one of the things that differentiate a living being from nonliving is the ability to think by and for themselves.

When a person is entralled by a topic and he/she waits until cacaphony of voices in the head in voices and syntax of other people’s thinking and logic quiets, an opinion of ones own emerges about the topic. Like a flash in a pan, it quickly disappears in the voices and opinions of people ever present in the noise/information byte database in the head and needs periodic waiting for the voices and opinions to quiet down for ones own opinion to emerge again. It needs some practice before one is able to recognize ones own voice and own opinions, and to recognize when one has gotten hijacked by preexisting notions and others’ opinions (again). People’s logic is like a strain of music – a raaga. Every raaga has a certain logic that is unique to it, so also every person has his/her own unique logic to their way of thinking. Getting in the cacaphony of voices and opinions in the head is like being in a radio station that has sooo many frequencies (or like soo many raagas are being played at once and one has one’s own raaga lost in all that noise). It is so much is like the waves of the ocean, these other people’s voices and preconceived notions, like a sound ocean (sounds are waves anyway of a certain frequency). Once there is a glimple of one’s own opinion (rather one’s own sound frequency/raaga or logic of thinking) and what that feels like, it is like catching a glimpse of a preferred fish in the ocean’s depth lapping amongst its waves. It takes some practice to wait for the sound waves in the head to quiet down enough to get a glimpse of that own-opinion sense again (or to tune in to our own radio station again). And waves are ever present in the ocean! The practice is about recognizing the calm in the ocean’s depths where the waves are not too effective (it is like the silence in the noise; silence has always been there – noise is a deviation from silence but the silence is always there – and in silence there is better chance that one’s own radio station is heard because the station master is keen on listening to one’s own radio station – one’s own unique frequency), and the big worth-all-the-wait fishes are in the very deep bottom.

In just writing this post, I have had to type a certain length with an idea that I wanted to express, then delete once recognized being hijacked and then type some more and then after a certain length to recognize that I have strayed from what I have originally wanted to write about again – that being about having ones own original opinion – and so then go back a few sentences and type again. I guess this is what is called editing but here I refer to the process of staying with the original thought that sparked interest enough to be thought worthy enough to be shared. It is like a biggg fish in a fisherman’s net; it keeps jumping out and the fisherman needs to be keen enough to want to have that fish so he keeps on with the fish, and if the fish jumps out and is powerful enough to drag the fisherman along, then the fisherman hangs on to the net and with the want/desire of having the fish ‘coz some fishes are just worth it all.

Having an opinion of ones own and consequently to recognize oneself in the crowd and masses (literally in the world out there but first to recognize ones own voice and opinion amongst all the voices and opinions in one’s own head) is quintessential in becoming an individual and thusly graduating from being a puppet. Nothing bad about being a puppet – at least someone knows what the show is about – it is just not that person’s show! A person has life because one can move about of one’s own volition and has a brain to be able to think for oneself. It is in recognizing when one’s own brain has not been utilized and then to start utilizing one’s own brain and faculties more often that graduating from puppethood to individual becomes possible.

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My residence..

Where do I exist? Somewhere in the valley between the head and rest of my body as a sound that emerges when wind (through my body) manages to pass through the valley where I reside.

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