Plurally singular!

I wanted to wordpress for a list of topics (promised to several people and some to myself), but as it happens, my GratitudeChallenge on Facebook has reached day 71 and I found me writing something that I thought was wordpressible. Here goes:

I am grateful to plural. If not for the oh-so-many types/kinds/varieties, I would never be able to appreciate the richness that singular is. It sure is a clever, superduper intelligent, wise, mammoth of a brain that created this thing called Universe (I must admit I am verrry doubtful about the ‘Uni-verse’ bit….why ‘uni’ when uni means one..does that imply a multi?…and why ‘verse’ when it could have been annny word of the dictionary?). Amazing, fantastic, absolutely loving the complexity and intricacy of this structure. Look anyway which and there is an rabbit hole (like the Alice in Wonderland kind) with lottss of loopholes visible to anyone who cares to look and soon I am in a jantar-mantar, finding my way through the rabbit hole of things! I always thought we are all born to have fun, born into a ‘world’ with lotts of playthings for all kinds of people. I did not know how right I could be (I still dont..but I am at a better dont-know state than before!) but interestingly as I go down the rabbit hole, I find that it becomes like a virtual video game which has levels (for want of a better analogy) and that farther levels require the player to be responsible and have integrity! Interesting game this..and it is serious fun (pun intended). If not for the plural, I would not probably have come to be thinking this. Grateful.

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