So, what’s your story?

Our stories make us. We draw upon and imbibe from stories around us or that which we are exposed to. Some of us actively expose ourselves to stories – those of us who know the value of will. We become the stories through gradual imbibation. We tell the dialogues (in our minds or through our mouths) from scripts taken from other stories (stories of other people, dialogues we are subjected to through everyday conversations with other people, stories from books, movies, lyrics, fairy tales, folklore, history) and the material colluded through mix n’ match to make our own narratives. Those of us who have deliberated on creating our own stories deliberate on eliminating plagiarism (by paying close attention to the stories that run through our minds and is uttered through our mouths) until the stories imbibed are distilled and the essence therefrom becomes part of the stories that we are. The fabric of the person keeps changing all through the process (our photographs from young childhood to adulthood is evidence of our material changing through development of our stories). Some of us deliberate on distilling our stories until there is just one story and the person becomes one story – embodied. We are all bits of information. What story are you?


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  1. My story is morphing, changing, evolving. And the fun is creating change that ripples backwards and forwards through time, until things have shifted so much that I’m on a different timeline. I’m a dimension hopper.

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    • Yay! Looks like your story has distilled quite a bit, so much so that you are creating waves yourself through the material of time and space (which of course we are all doing anyway unawares of what waves we are creating) but you seem to be aware that you are creating waves and that is such a beautiful awareness to arrive at! Makes me think on embarking on the journey to the question “what waves do you want to ripple that effects so many and for generations to come?”. Tnx for sharing!

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      • I’ve been doing energy healing work for myself, doing it in such a way that I am making intentional change. Being in an altered focus of consciousness (working with someone who helps me) allows me to connect with my level of reality (intuition) where change that is made filters down to our 3-D reality.

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