One Speaks for Two; Silence by Starry Seas

Where I end and another begins, I am still searching for that fine line. I am sure there is one and I also know it would only get wholesomer and wholesomer. (I think I know the answer but it is as though it is an answer I have forgotten in the fog of my memories…fog is thinner now but cant see clearly yet. I am sure there is a place where I speak and I would have spoken for all living kind and the world will never be the same again). Better and Better.

Star Tower and The Sky-bound City


In all lives they called me the outsider.

There was no obstacle too big but there was always great loss.

Persia, England, Japan, Scandinavia, America – Heaven.

There is no place I can’t find you.

I may live here a mortal and you yourself high above.

There is no place I cannot go.

But you are mine, I am yours. Our alternate lines will reach us one way or another.

There is no law that can hold me.

I have fulfilled my duty, I have lived wise – a sage. Do not abandon me.

There is no god that can separate us.

If you let go. I will lose, not only my will – my spirit, mind and body will be dust.

There is no other way, no other path.

You will come down or I will bring the sky down.

There is no other life, no other dream, no other…

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  1. Only time will tell. Speaking intuitively from the heart and from lives not from this physical time line is like a fish learning to fly as a bird. The fog is there because it’s a sea of unknowable.. only fragments lay about telling small stories. My dreams are all the things that existed if a certain thing happened.. if i approached a situation differently and how the mind comprehended the day before. You get bits and pieces of your identity there.. I’m not sure I know how it works. Some people dreams are rubbish.. I dream visions. Last night I saw balls of negative energy inspirit me I was told I had a certain ability to absorb other people’s energy from a psyçhic. . Maybe I absorb their memories too. Not sure where all this information comes from.. sort of just go in a trance when I write.


    • I hear you soul-traveller. I think I have an explanation for this but I am not comfortable discussing this openly yet. Maybe a mail chat perhaps? My email ID is

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