Each of us is unique and not..and both is true!

I commented not too long ago on Jan‘s post that I would post one on my blog (instigated by her post) about a lot of thoughts that has been hibernating since some time in my head. As I started writing, I found I have to start at a point different from what I immediately would have liked to (coz you dont just eat a pie from the middle!) and that if my post has got to make sense, at least to Jan, I would need to start by in a way orienting, if that is the word, the reader to my vocabulary (I refer here to the idea that each person has a different set of connotations for what a word means that essentially has each person have a ‘language’ of their own even though they speak English, say. Gives credence to the phrase ‘please speak in english’ while you are speaking in English, or that ‘you speak in Greek and Latin’ while you are speaking in English). So here goes…

Humor me as I articulate a thought that is not easy to articulate. (I find it was easy to just type my thoughts when I thought this blogspace was my little place to voice what is not commonly spoken about, to just get it out of my system so to speak, when no one was following or knew of my such existence other than as an office-going, doing everyday things forgettable someone, not worth following. I find I am not as uninhibited and hence terse even in bulletting out my thoughts anyhow for now I tend to think of how the reader would interpret and hence need to ‘neat out’ my sentences and meanings, but I guess such movements are part of growing up, though such ‘private’ spaces are required also in our own mind/psyche for a sense of ‘just me’ that is not lost in all that there is, for I am just as much a unique expression of consciousness having things to say/express that needs to be said/expressed as a function of the purpose of my existence). I guess that serves as a prelude to what I am attempting to say.

I was born at a particular time into a particular space. That calender date/month/year has never happened before (if it did, we would have had a 2015 twice or more). Spread this thought across different people being born at whatsoever time they were. For now, lets just stay with time and deal with space (..in a later blog maybe if I can adequately articulate what I have been thinking about this. I think somebody has got to say it….we keep taking about being unique vs not that there has gotta be some validity in both!). So, coming back to the train of thought: if we spread across the thought of different people being born at whatsoever time they were and are now in different age (I dont say age group, but age, because each of them were born at different times and so we have a crop that has ripened differently, i.e. we have babies and very elderly and all other ages in between living on the planet at this very moment in time at once). Each of them was born at different points of time in a time continuum of consciousness.

The videos below kind of makes my point. I could not find just one video to say it all so put up three, and still it does not say it all so I have attempted to word it through (like, wordingthrough, get it?). As you watch the first one, if you picture yourself as one of the planets, say Earth (I would rather you pictured yourself as the Sun, but I am unable to find a video where the sun is just another dot spiralling around the center of the galaxy, where again the galaxy, say the Milky Way, is just another dot spiralling around the mother of galaxies, so on and so forth through to all these bodies are spiralling around an invisible energy travelling through time and space. Since I am unable to find that video, I guess you would need to imagine that using my words) So basically, to get my point, I would rather that you pictured yourself as the central moving dot around which things spiral, and that the movement is onward in time, never backward, and that each point of distance covered is like a time when a life is born (astrologers look at time of birth and stellar constellation to know the constitution of a person). Consider that each life born is the breaking out of Consciousness into a consciousnesslet, for want of a better word. Something like fractals where the part is the whole, like microcosm is the macrocosm. Fractal





I refer here mainly to the point about an invisible energy moving through the universe in the wake of which everything comes into existence and everything spirals around onward, never backward (I will post another writeup shortly about time in the linear and nonlinear sense, which of course is just my idea of it). If we consider that that invisible energy is Consciousness (like, mother of all consciousness) that is also an intention set in motion (how, I cant say, but if I look within myself, I go into action to do something because I want something, a desire maybe or just an urge to do something and that urge is the intention) so lets say the mind of the Universe had the urge to create something and in wake of this urge the Universe was created. (I am considering the Universe to be alive, complete with the soul and mind and body and the whole package, where each of the existing material bodies as even planets, galaxies or human bodies, through to even individual human body together is the body of the Universe, just like we have cells in our body). That that invisible energy is the life force of the Universe. And that energy, just like you and me, does not know all about itself (there is something mysterious about us, not everything is known about us, even by us). (I also say this because, just like in the movie, The Matrix, where the Architect is just going about designing newer version of the System trying to better the design, the Universe is trying to better its model, if not we would already have a perfect system where no further improvements needed, but then I guess it is already perfect in its spiralling Fibonacci-like movement..at least that is the one that with my level of thinking currently is the model for our Universe, for it is a circle with an imperfection so that it has to move forward in an attempt to make it perfect. Thusly, it also ensures it is onward moving, so that it does not get bored (!) and keeps on at creating something. Perfect, in my estimate, at least for me coz I would get bored if it was just going on about the same point – keeps my mind busy and rolling so it does not gather moss. I’d like to think the Universe is no different; it does not seem to be bored from being in existence for soo long!).

It is a creative force and when it sets its mind on something, it just does it. So it created this complex, multidimensional, self-regulatable, perpetual living construct that we call the Universe. (I think there are multiverses, coz afterall we are said to be the microcosm of the macrocosm and if we are so many and of so many types, it is just logical to think that the whole ‘uni’verse is likely to be multi too.  I am also piqued by ‘verse’, like the verse of a song or something..I wonder who coined this word and if that person did not know something more because of which he/she termed it ‘uni’ and then ‘verse.’ I also keep reading that our Universe resonates with the sound of Om; could that mean this sound is like an organizing vibration for this one, and hence this ‘uni’-‘verse’ is an om-verse, versus some other sound for another Verse? With the microcosm of the macrocosm idea, as humans, I do see that each person seems to be moving to the beat of their own drum).

So, the point I am attempting to make is, considering that we are born at different times in the time continuum of consciousness, and in different circumstances (and circumstances through time, read example BC to AC or stone ages to metal age, keeps changing, meaning getting complexer due to changes in thinking, time cycles, etc etc. Sciency thinkers say the entropy of the Universe is increasing with time), that each of us is also Consciousness’ attempt to understand itself (like trying to see what it is capable of because each of us is a fragment of the whole..you know the whole microcosm of the macrocosm bit. Besides, why would we have a mind of our own and ability to choose if it was all prewritten and just executing the written program? Nature/Universe – I guess both are same in some aspects – I think is too smart to waste something after creating something as free-reining as a mind of its own for each person. If I designed a machine and wanted to keep things going just the way I designed it to be and having complete control of things, I wouldnt give the machine parts a mind of its own, that would be chaotic, but here we all have a mind of our own and ability to choose; there should be a reason why that is the case, I figure); that each of us are unique because of when/where/how we were born and consequent development (through conditioning in different, read unique, environments that two people may or may not have being the same, and even if that was the case, one person would not be experiencing the same thing as another because two people cannot occupy the same space at the same time even if we consider it in terms of different dimensions simultaneously for even then it is ‘different’ dimension, read even quantum state if we consider this case through quantum physics..unless of course my understanding of quantum physics is faulty) and hence each of us are unique. (I chanced upon this little note. It reads, “Tulsatva: The name tulsi connotes ‘the incomparable one.’ Sattva is the purity in Sanksrit and denotes the purest form of any substance. This merchandise as picked by you is the amalgamation of purity and quality to make this the ‘incomparable one.’ This quality merchandise is hand crafted with finest material to ensure purity in terms of comfort, durability, etc. Its overall character is enhanced by the slight flaws and imperfections which occur during the manufacturing process.” See! We are each unique, that is if you are able to dash the dots and make sense of what I am attempting to say).

But, we are from the same ocean of consciousness (if that would be an appropriate word, i thought ‘stream of consciousness’ but there is soo much depth to consciousness…read conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels if not more…that ocean seems more apt in my estimate) that each of us are not that unique too in that deep down we are just as potential as the Universe itself in what we can bring forth (we can create worlds if we have the mind to..just as a little example, look at the worlds created by people through books, even one person who puts their mind to it births a new world through their work that hitherto never existed and helps forward lifekind, and just books are of how many kinds and what not do they speak of and create hence. From the stone ages until now, through imagination and endeavor, we are now reaching to the outer realms of space, traveling to Mars). The difference is in how much each of us are able to, and I emphasize the word able, due to whatsoever reasons, to access such depths and ‘see’/experience the profundity that is ‘all of us at once’ as One at one plane without difference, and further, what we ‘do’ (or create) with this understanding. (Some of us do not even individuate as a person and come into our own, living the purpose of our coming into existence and hence our Dharma, but we have the potential for it and the proof for it is our coming into existence itself. Nature is too smart to keep unwanted things around or things that do not serve a purpose, so if something exists, it is serving a purpose, whether one likes it or not. Things exist because there is a scope for its existence, and what endures is that which stands the test of time. Makes logical sense, doesn’t it? At least, I think so. I also think that somehow that which endures is always the ‘timeless’ values and things that are constructive and harmonious). So, you see we are unique and not unique, and both are true in my estimate, thusly.

(I am attempting to articulate my thoughts about this, and as I wrote this post I find there is more to write, like an old-fashioned telescope tube – there is more length to be pulled out of the tube that I am currently looking through. It is my opinion anyway, and opinions are 10 a penny, so here’s mine to the pool. How valid they are will depend on how the different opinions match up to form a cohesive whole that, most likely, nonlinearly makes sense to all, I guess. I call it circular logic or universal mathematics – a sort of cohesive well managed, even self-managed, system. This is also perhaps what they call as unified field theory, but I am no physicist, just a person thoughting my way through life constructing my own Theory of Everything to make sense of the world I live in, just like any other person).



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  1. The videos and your ideas about the Universe is extremely interesting, not to mention compelling. I have always found myself inclined to accept that the universe functions via consciousness and I mean all kinds and levels of consciousness. Matter has consciousness and the Universe in my idea is a manifestation of the collective consciousness and is very much aware of itself. Great read, thank you for sharing!

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    • I am inclined to believe that individual consciousness, collective consciousness and spiritual consciousness (if we categorize it that way for logical easiness) operate at different time scales. If we consider that everything that exists has a frequency of its own and a rhythmic cycle as its own signature of existence, then each of these levels are almost always in constant communication, the effect of which is mostly seen at the collective level where destruction at one end is probably to compensate for and maybe even balance out for something else at some other level, some along the lines of the yuga/time cycle, if you have heard of it, where extreme constructivism follows after a while a time of extreme destructivism and then the cycle repeats in a constant attempt by the system to balance between the two extremes. There is certainly much to be said about this topic, lotts 🙂 I happened to participate in workshops about theory and practice of systemic constellation/family constellation, and they were quite rich in such ideas, quite imagination-firing actually.


      • Wow certainly you know your stuff and pursuing still more. I am hoping you’d find time to share some of it in your following posts. I for one find this very interesting!

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      • I am all kicked about Body Intelligence Therapy. I am pursing it and it is pursuing me, Id like to think. I am attempting to explain what body intelligence therapy is, and some of these posts are in an attempt to describe the indescribable, coz my clinical work is largely nonverbal but to get it to the masses and especially to people who stand to benefit from it (which is all human beings without exception from the looks of it) I need to verbalize it – describe the indescribable!

        Thank you for your interest and encouragement. I will keep attempting 🙂

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      • Super! By the sound of it, looks very interesting, almost mystical! Think I am gonna try and check it out. 🙂

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      • 🙂 :-)! I am all in for the work I do, and glad to know you are interested in my baby! Your Gravatar says you are from India but I cannot discern from which place in India. I am from Bengaluru and practice in the city. My work is yet to get its due attention but is showing promising results. Do let me know when you are ready to act upon your interest and we will take it from there 🙂

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      • Thank you for being so warm and welcoming! Will look into it. I am currently residing in Mnglre. Visited Bglre like a week back. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, I am sure you’re onto something 🙂

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      • Yes, I am onto something or maybe it is onto all of us, I dont know which, but I am all gung-ho about it. It gives my existence a meaning. Thank you, Swetha, for your warm wishes. I think creativity also runs on wish-power and my work could do with all kinds of power 🙂

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  2. Nice *hi5* good read. Just the idea of two people the same person occupying a space in the universe.. that can happens through twins. Not really well though — maybe conjoined? Two people existing in a multiverse can happen because they overlap depending how many different options they come up with (mostly unlimited) the multiverse allows you to step through any amount of doors — there’s just a time frame for that thinking to happen and a window of opportunity to be caught. We are all unique true to this idea. Though we can see as much as we want if that instinct to take life by the (pardon my English) balls then it is gone forever. In this we are truly unique and genuine, all our decisions make us who we are, even the dumb ones. Even so, you can dream it all you like and it can randomly come to your head in a dream but it will never be realized in this world if you don’t act on it. Maybe in some other life possibly, and through a multi-verse world (meaning you have to have the ability to travel through space, time and also master dimension travel – bringing you to the Multiverse, we are a long ways from that).. but life only happens once. You’re absolutely right about us being unique and not unique. Just like your diagram, once it is in perpetual motion nothing is in the way it becomes perfect, but thinking about it this way.. had the earth ball got hit by something earlier, had it gotten slowed down or if it could speed up, if it decided to take a conscious step in moving instead of following it’s path. Would it then be considered still perfect? God gave us this power of consciousness because we are people. The planetary systems are mostly lifeless bodies static but not really less unique, they are unique in their own way. The only body i know in space that has life is Earth at the moment which makes it infinitesimally important.

    The chance in life on Earth is like 10^67 or something. Thats like alot of zeros. We might as well be the middle of the universe in space at that chance of life rather we’re probably the center of attention and activity i’d say. It’s like a tree has like 10 thousand leaves.. its’ going to take a forest of leaves of chance for life to be formed. not including the chances the planet earth is in habital zone. That the Sun is not too hot or it’ll scorch the Earth. That we don’t live near an asteroid belt. That there are tides on the Earth because of the moon. Without tides there is no life. There has to be a chance that something from space sparks life in the oceans. There are so many factors to life 10^67 is no joke.

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    • Nice thinking! Il attempt to jog along with your points mentioned here. Twins, even conjoined do not occupy the same space. I mean ok they are attached to form one unit, but even for a single person that is not conjoined, the two feet do not occupy the same space, even if you place one foot on top of the other!

      I am not familiar with the wormhole model of the multiverse, which you seem to be hinting at, familiar in the sense I do not have an experience or not something that I recognize and from which to derive my answer from. William (of The Words of William fame, i.e. the book that Jan of Looking at Life as a virtual game, published mentioned about something similar. Dont know.

      I have a lottt to say about the idea of God. I have and am going through several spaces about it. Maybe if I can articular sufficiently enough I will post a writeup. Having said that, I think everything has life, and that which is pure material, I consider them to be like the building blocks, just like how sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc are the building blocks of matter to form compounds of many kinds, if you transpose this across ‘nonliving’ things, then nonliving things are like the building blocks of other complex compounds, so that that compound which forms can have a ‘life’, something like the machine parts of a bike, say, which when comes together in a particular way gives rise to a bike (psst: Some refer to their machines as though alive… sciency people are now talking about AI – artificial intelligence). The solar system, much like the electrons and protons and quarks, are alive in their own way. Their ‘aliveness’ is what keeps our life functioning the way they are. Earth is called a living planet. Living beings come from complex interplay of ‘nonliving’ things intereacting in interesting ways. Just because we are aware of being alive on Earth as the only planet that supports life, does not mean that living things are only possible in our several forms…I mean we have microbes, fungi and several other forms and they have all evolved from remodifying and adapting a basic structure for most efficiency and survivability. Who is to say that life elsewhere has not evolved from some other structure that may or may not be head-tail poled, contralateral, neuron-managed model that does not depend on water for subsistence? Just like how we imagine God to be in our own image (meaning, we dont imagine a dog-formed God or earthworm-bodied God…we tend to anthropomorphise things so that in a way we can relate to it ..and also perhaps because we think that form of God being superior is something to be aspired to and powerful enough to protect/guide/bring order as the case may be. If we knew of a better form of life than that of a human being, we would have ascribed that form to God, I suppose. A formless, omnipresent, omniscient God cannot be drawn on a paper and hence cannot be ‘palpable’ because we are so sense-gratifying organisms. What our senses are able to make ‘sense’ of, we call it reality and what our senses cannot make sense of we call it illusion, abstract, etc.

      About life on Earth being a rarity, we have come to be. It is not like we are these sentient beings who discovered this planet on which these several life forms came into being. We came into being. We are alive. If we are alive, in whatsoever fraction of a probablity there is, then such a probability exists that we are not so unique..AND we are unique (just like the content on my post). I basically think there is just one space (lets say a room space) and that all those dimensions and worlds and whatsoever spaces are discribed are all in that one room. They keep talking about n-dimensions. We cannot comprehend more than 3D because our structure-constructibility is limited to 3 maybe even 4 (I dont know much about this..but I do know that people are having a difficulty with constructing even a 10-dimensional structure, let alone n-dimensions). This reply is soo long.. oops

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      • weird, i made a post about these dimensions last night to help understand what we’re talking about today. Funny how synchronicity works. Though i think your one space needs a tweak.Okay so time travel allows you to go back in time and redo certain events on your timeline through what i call a “unlimited amount of doors idea” where you can through your actions go back to a certain save point and try something different to see if it opens new opportunities if it doesn’t work you can go back to it and try a different route until you succeed. . Dimensional travel allows you to travel between different trees (versions of yourself) that you could possibly be had you been a different person. This is as simple as i can put it. Your one space idea is what we live in right now.. without these technologies and abilities to travel these other ways (time,space,dimension).


      • I have soo much to say in response to yours that I might as well write a post, which incidentally I have written quite a bit of about time continuum while I was drafting the Each of us…. post, it was like the floodgates opened, so I saved pieces of it so that the ‘story’ I am attempting to articulate can be understood, so to speak, considering I have my own ‘vocabulary.’ I still stick by the same space idea (read, digging my foot in…I am so convinced about it it is more than conviction but not ‘known fact’ yet. I will tell you why in my next post 🙂 Sorry that I am having to leave this convo thread incomplete…like a long drawn out chat. Il post soon, promise. I just don’t seem to have your talent in churning out such heavy posts every few hours (it seems!). How do you do that?! You copy-paste stuff from elsewhere that you have ready made? I took hours to write Each of us… I guess that comes with practice, ay? So long, friend.

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      • Haha! no i just type REALLY fast. Not to say i don’t copy paste content i save up. That’s a really good idea.. I use to write things randomly and put it to the side. or but yes some times now that i think about it I bring up old posts and revitalize them with my new perspectives. It’s the process of unification.. through the idea of relinquishment you burn away all ideas that are faulty, untrue or irrelevant. You come out as a phoenix in the ash.. Did you know Enoch also meant house of the phoenix? I digress. Can’t wait to hear your post lol. Sure taking a while.. maybe my time is warped and i’m just operating at a higher functioning level. I’m just kidding. Haha!.. and about being 500 years old. I am probably not, i haven’t had any study into past regressions even though i get hints that i may have had a few past lives through dreams but all i can remember of the world is the 29 years i’ve been around. ttyl

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      • The idea of the Phoenix has always fascinated me. Sounds so Grand…like an Emperoress (Empress sounds something like meaning impressor, nothing like the grandness that Emperoress has…I get to choose the words that best expresses what I mean!, says she hautily), stronger than the past has been. I think I was a warrior in at least 2 of my lives and either a diplomat or one of the royalty in another if not a queen! True or not, I like that image so i keep it! I havent done any past life regression but I do have some interesting character traits not explainable from my immediate conditioning of this life, I think, but it sure fires my imagination and anything that stimulates my imagination and hence gets the machinery of my intellect clicking sounds good. It has gotten me thus far afterall!

        Talking about higher functioning level, maybe you have some posts up your sleeve on how to tap in time warping (hoping…coz I could do with some time tricks coz I sometimes feel like Hermoine Granger of Harry Potter fame who crams a lottt of classes into her school day and has a timeturner to be in two classes at the same time! I dont know such trick but I do know people who wonder how I manage to put all my fingers and toes in different pies. I could do with some high functionality tips. The movie, Lucy (2014), has some interesting stuff, if you have not already watched it.

        I do not seem to have missed the mark in guessing you to be an old soul – 29! and talking about multidimensionality all with charts and the works! I wonder what Jan has to say about such crop of people; old wine in new bottle is how I describe them. 🙂 ttyl!


  3. A stunning piece of work, Bitha (may I call you that?). I was literally jumping up and down in my chair as I read it, squealing, “Yesssss!” at various points.

    I’m currently working slowly through the Resonance Academy’s course on Unified Field Theory – VERY slowly as I have no background in science and am having to start from scratch. Last night I was grabbing notes from the course materials – writings by Tesla, Planck and so forth – and combining them with materials recently given to me by Higgins (as referenced in my last post) describing each of us as a “magnetic vortex”.

    Now this morning I open up the computer and find this gem awaiting me. Amazing! Even synchronicity seems too tame a word for what is happening here. There are others feeding into this ‘knowing’, too.

    I’ll do my best to calm all the thoughts spiralling around my mind sufficiently to be able to post something that makes sense shortly, but thank you so much for adding to the wonder and understanding that make consciousness such an adventure x

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    • I am soo glad you are onto the unified field theory work that Nassim Haramein develops. I have watched a few videos of his and so often than not a lot of his ideas resonated with my thinking as I worked on Body Intelligence Therapy where a unified field-like approach is being applied for healthcare. I am also glad you are on the course, hoping that you would see more into the Version 2.0 human beings. I have been wanting to somehow get through to you at some point about how it is not really like a new version of humanity, but more like consciousness getting smarter as a consequence of enough logic being available so that the newer generation has more of this logic zipped into intuitive applicability format. I have even heard from different sources that it seems like children born since 2000 have a greater perceptibility quotient than prior generation, which is indication that intelligence is getting ‘smarter.’

      I believe synchronicity happens from there being an intention and synchronicity is the Law of Attraction’s equivalent to the universe conspiring to bring that or similar to that which the intender intends or is thinking about.

      Looking forward to your post. This is so exciting. It is like a conversation across minds from different geography, like a wave tiding between shores instigating and inspiring another wave. Are we cooking up a tsunami of sorts unawares, I wonder, and even if that was the case, would it be an accident or a ‘coincidence’ by design of universal mathematics, I wonder.

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      • It IS exciting, yes. And you know what else I find really exciting? For quite a while now I’ve been thinking that you and Nam (Synamex) could be having some amazing discussions if you knew of each other, and here you are, doing just that! Now we also have Swetha joining in. If that lot doesn’t create a tsunami of thought, I don’t know what would!

        Would it be an accident or a mathematical coincidence? I don’t believe any of it is ‘unaware’. It’s all intended. But by whom??

        Thanks for the comments on Version 2.0 as well. When I look back at my original writings on that they seem quite naive. I love the way you describe it and yes, that works perfectly as an explanation. As one born half a century before the millennium, I find I’m having to gallop to attempt to keep up, but it’s a great ride!

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    • ..and yes, Bitha is just fine. atxero is my way of remembering how id rather live so that I dont fall into the trap of ‘known’ and miss the point. 🙂

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      • Jan, you are just so kind. You have taken up a course and studying Unified Field Theory, no less! The first time I read your comment about it, I balked and did a quick self-check on how effectively I was living my life and on what courses I am participating in. You sure give competition, and I and my generation better catch up! 🙂 Way to go, Jan!

        In retrospect, I am not sure I really get the train of thoughts that led to your coining Version 2.0, and it is a bit rash on my part to comment about it from a place of limited understanding of your perspective.
        I must admit though that Version 2.0 has been bothering me. Somewhere in my mind I linked Version 2.0 with autism spectrum disorder, rather than perception, and since I was trying out that robe to see if it fits (coz I more often than not found me ranting at the world ‘isnt it obvious?!’..only to get blank stares with my point completely missed and then having to explain even trivial details, at least trivial in my mind in light of the ‘significant’ things that amazed my mind), I resisted Version 2.0 and had to explain that label out of existence, and hence on a sleep-deprived looong day, I commented the comment. Sorry. Clearly Version 2.0 is a dear topic to you and I hope to not have caused irreparable damage to that train of thought.

        I also noticed today (I was mulling over my comment to you on this topic) and I was checking particularly to see if 2000 is the year when children have begun to show hightened perception as claimed by some people, and I found that 2000 may not be when cognitive intelligence started zippling things up and getting smarter; maybe 1990s, but for sure I remember thinking/noticing around 2007-8 that peoples’ senses are sharper in general (but that could be cause I was going through an interesting phase then and was studying people more keenly), but then I also read from some esoteric sources that there has been a planetary shift in some plane due to which the collective’s consciousness evolution is likely to get steeper through to the dawn of the Golden Age. It could also be around this time that people with heightened perception started walking the Earth, and not limited to just children.


  4. Let me know how the Nassim Haramein stuff goes on your side, after some research i too found myself signing up for a resonance course.. i signed up because it said money back guaranteed after 30 days i may have jumped the gun possibly. Though as i researched his background a bit more i heard alot of complaints from physicists that he doesn’t make very good arguments in his debates, and his pure reviews aren’t looking good, he’s also siding with the ancient astronaut theories which is only the partial truth and he’s a little misinformed about certain cultures and ancient civilization ideas. But yes, i’m a truth seeker and i’m trusting this guy to be legit even if the signs say otherwise. Sorry if i’m a little downer debbie on this, i’m more of cautious Cathy really.

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    • Carl Sagan, from what I understand of his methodology, has been emphasizing the need for the delicious combination of skepticism and wonder – not taking in everything without inspection but also not being confined within the cages of ones own prejudices and discarding an unfamiliar idea. Nassim Haramein, I havent gone in depth with his work, but what little I have seen, seems to be coming from a circular logic (I know logicians will balk at circular logic for they have long discarded the ‘validity’ if that is the right word of it..but it works with me..coz I call it universal mathematics…things adding up seemingly illogically ..spherical logic more like it). I think he combines the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ or the yin and yang – a combination or law by which just about everything in the universe seems to be made. I just stand by what I can feel in my clinical work. This is a very complex topic but ‘unified field’ in my esimate, brings together all fields of study into a coherent working structure that explains known phenomena as well as having scope for the unknown. I like that thought more coz then I can see a method in all the madness of different goings on in this place I have come to be alive in. I think I inhabit a very ordered world even though the microscopic view says chaos. There is a method in this madness and I have chosen to stand in all this as a healer.


  5. […] or are we simply accessing the same ‘knowing’ within our all-seeing matrix?  In her latest, amazing blog post she speaks […]

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    • Gee .. Im on your post! Feel humbled and honored all at once, for someone who wondered if any of my thoughts if expressed would ever be understood.


  6. Heya. Got a new site. I guess all the information was already in my headd.. it just needed a refresher and outlet. I know someone who can appreciate the charts. =) Let’s see what bitha thinks of my prototype paradigms. http://modernphilosophystandards.com/chart-of-all-knowledges/true-paradigm-of-all-knowledges/


    • I got a mail update about the change in site from .com to .org. I am in already 🙂

      The ‘refresher and outlet’ sounds like a new evolution cycle has commenced {if you consider that change happens in rhythmic expansion contraction where an inchoate idea gets mushroomed into a thought system and then some action ensues and then the thought merges and collaborates with others and becomes something more and after a while there could be a diffusion somuchso that the clarity of the original idea gets diffuse and then you need to do a dekko (or take stock of) and then something more is seen and that would be when a new cycle starts, maybe iterating the original idea and maybe even bringing in layers thereby enriching the content}. You do some awesome work with those charts, super rich already…though there may be discrepancies when juxtaposed with a range of existing theories, which is why ‘perfection’ has a place in All That There Is (I believe for a comprehensive unified working model of how things work…and by this I mean a model by which things can be replicated and/or created without losing out on the precision/integrity of Universal laws by which creation happens..coz the microcosm should be a replica of the macrocosm…if that makes sense to you. I guess I am more scientific thinking than I thought).

      I am yet to get to the posts. I am gungho about my clinical practice right now. Beautiful responses from people who have had sessions with me so that I am more primed to get to the vision I set out with in the first place. It is action time for me…I am in one of the me-evolution phases, this time in action. Documenting (of which posts are one of the means, in my estimate, is yet to find some time in my calendar..I cant get enough sleep currently, so I hope you get the picture).

      I am yet to take a look at your latest works unfortunately, but I will ASAP. ttyl.

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  7. Nice. =3 Take your time and do what you can for yourself. These posts aren’t going any where. Always good to hear from you. Awesome to hear things are going well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • .. it is more like soul churning, but I am ‘doing’ my bit in what I deem worthy of my existence and caliber while at the same time stretching my limits so I grow out of my comfort zone too and evolve thusly. It is always good to hear such a cheerful note from a deep thinker/explorer such as you. Makes people like me think we are not alone, that we may be part of a tribe spread far and wide doing what we can to make sense of all that there is while also contributing in our own ways to make this world a better place to live in.


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