Happy New Year time!


Wish you all a joyously befitting end to 2015 and a great start to 2016.

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  1. Thanks for that website. I hadn’t yet explored Esoteric territory – so i had no idea i would’ve been really into learning it. I got up to studying Auras but then i had to stop there because he started getting into psychics and auras and i don’t know if i believe in that. lol. The last psychic tried to rip me off for a 8 thousand dollars for a crystal. Do you believe that? she tried to tell me i was suffering from some sort of negativity. It really ticked me off – that she could take advantage of someone — especially me did she believe she’d get away with it? Yes anyways I tried reworking someone of the models and ideas that he had. It’s really hard to add to something that is so — almost completely done anyways. Ttyl.

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    • Talking about crystals, Jan (wordpresser of Looking at Life as a virtual game…she follows your blog) would be able to shed some rational light on the topic. She has quite a logical mind and has yet forayed into crystals, and would give some interesting views about it. I personally think ‘clair’ in whatsoever form is a human faculty – some have tapped into it, some haven’t. Those who have are called psychics. Since you are looking at dimensions, I dare to think you have some degree of clairknowing if not other forms too. Something to think about if not explore.

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