Human beings are in the making..

I am attempting to put into words some thoughts that have been bothering me since some time. My first writeup on it is here

We are all a gadget of a type. Some have tapped into some features and some into some others, and then we call each of those tappers with different names like psychics, intellectuals, spirituals, kinesthetics, visuals…much like we have computers, ipods, sewing machines, phones, etc. Human beings may have never been seen for what their gadget really is, until now (coz my work is with body intelligence, so I cannot discount my thinkings and findings). Mental evolution, more like cognitive evolution, is just catching up on what the structure of a human being is, even though tissue evolution has developed the structure that has been preemptively labelled as human being.  Cognitively, evident from the happenings around, we are in various stages of development through evolution with some being amoebas, amphibians, cameleons (for symbolistic effect…I thought the reader may be able to relate to what I am attempting to say here by this term), reptiles, Neantrathals, and so forth. I dare say very few human beings around, if any. We are yet to come into our own and function as our structure is designed to afford! There is strife, though, in this direction through trial and error. There is hope for mankind, hence. The best is yet to be, and the best is in the making.


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