On creating..

Creation involves ‘writing’ with your own ink, i.e. the material that the creator is made up of. Kahlil Gibran says ‘you give but little if you give of your possessions, it is when you give of yourself that you truly give.’ Brrrr. (Incidentally, living, as against surviving, also seems to necessitate participating with your own material. Living, in this light, then seems to be creating….like candle wax that melts to shine the light, only this wax can of an inexhaustible material).

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  1. This is beautiful. I thought you’d like to know that I’ve nominated you for a SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD. Details here: https://janstoneblog.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/ive-got-sunshine-on-a-cloudy-day/
    Entirely up to you whether you’d like to accept it or not, but I think you deserve it!

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    • Sunshine Blogger award?! That’s very kind of you! Thank you, Jan. I humbly accept. I wonder if I can renominate you back. The first thing that flashed my mind when i read Sunshine Blogger is you and another blogger before I even read through your whole comment. I also happen to not be following many bloggers at the moment (oops). I hope to be able to do justice to the award in my turn.

      (I must admit though that since reading your blogpost on what I need to do in my turn, I have been scouring the Discovery feature on wordpress searching for bloggers to follow, which has been an absolute delight — it feels like being in a library full of wonderful books, each with a world of thoughts and ideas and stuff that fires my imagination. Feast! In that sense, I guess your nominating me is perhaps the All That There Is’ way of saying ‘now time to look up from the tip of your nose and look around!” Thank you much.

      Love and regards,

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      • Sounds highly likely to me!! Enjoy your searches, my friend and I hope you find many new and wonderful writers to follow and converse with. they will certainly be the richer for it.
        Jan x


      • How do you do that, Jan?! You just made me feel special! Reminds me of the song, Words. A turn of phrase and an unexpected burst of light my way! Thank you.

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      • I thought I clicked on a “random” post in order to get to know you better (thank you again for the sunshine award nomination). Again, this is the universe showing me that there is no random! I agree that we always get that option to “look up,” and now I am curious about the discover feature. Soon I’ll have to bury my nose in more intense study/work, but I won’t forget… I’ll have sunshine on my mind 😉

        Happy New Year! Here’s to your creativity in 2016!

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      • Your writing is like the gentle rays of the sun through a misty morning. Amazed by how are able to do that. About getting buried in study/work itself, I find it helps to jot down a word or symbol or something even in bullet form as and when a thought occurs about something, which over time when I am a bit ‘fatigued’ with the intense work and glance over ‘what else is there to do’ these bullet points somehow loop together and tell a story of their own that I wouldnt have ever imagined, a bit like the mind dashing the dots in unexpected ways..and before you know it, there would be another blog post. Psst: I am trying to coax that sunshine blogger from not getting lost in just intense study/work; it brings hope to people like me and a little unexpected sunshine to spruce up the day).

        Wish you and loved ones a heart-happying, soul-satisfying 2016.

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