‘My’ tribe (family in the heart#2)

A new kind of ‘world’ showed up as being perhaps possible, inchoately. It made its presence today, don’t know if it was silently taking shape since some time. A new set of relationships inside the existing sets, towards the center-side, i.e. if we consider that relationships are concentric circles from ‘I’ at the center with my relationship with myself being the center-most circle. It follows along the lines of ‘friends becoming family.’ You see, there seems to be filters, boundaries if you may, for each ‘relationship’ beyond which is no-entry zone. Strangers may come thus far but not beyond, so also an acquaintence may come thus far but not beyond. Consequently, emotions (these things dont really know boundaries; you really need to marshal them into staying within the ‘boxes’ our mind/brain or whatever wants to keep people and things in; emotions are a little like children I guess, a little too ‘hearty,’ if you know what I mean), so emotions tend to have too many grey shades between white and black, and it gets difficult when an intense shade shows up in an ‘acquaintence’ relationship and when that happens, alarm bells go off in the brain to caution that the boundary line is getting crossed. A lot of the times ‘I’ may never have experienced most or any of those intense shades because most or any are ever allowed to cross the boundary for the ‘I’ to ever experience them.

I think there could be a way for ‘I’ to be in the world where those intense shades of colors can be experienced, in a field where there are no boundaries of time and space, where time flows as one eternity. (They keep saying in esoteric spaces that the soul is eternal and that the body has lifetimes as timeframes in which to experience living, so going by the line of rebirth and soul continuum, who is to say how old your’s and my souls are?! and who is to say these acquaintences or even unexpicably close-feeling relationships does not go far beyond any rational explanations of how far they go?). Who is to say that just guided by these intense shades (hearty shades?), new meaningful relationships of a kind never before contemplated is not in the making? Who says human race needs to be seen as individuals of a species living as though each from a different species bracketed under one? Who says family or tribe is only that which one is born into, that there cannot be families in the heart that is not defined by blood-relationships, that even blood-relationships needs to be just tissue-bonding?¬† Much inspired by family(s) in the heart.

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