A message from Nature

Today, a scented-rose pink bougainvillea was happily showing off its colors to the morning sun as I walked down the little path in the idyllic but interestingly aware neighborhood of my training center. The flowers seemed to pop out of nowwhere, meaning the creeper was there but other than that little patch of cheerful flowers its source trunk-creeper was untraceable. This patch of flowers was so high up in the trees, I had to crane my neck up and felt like a little child in awe oblivious to much else. I could have been in a forest staring up at a strange species for that shade of pink for a bougainvillea was so unseen. The movie, Bettada hoovu, about a person in search of rare orchids in the jungle came to mind. Beguiling thing, that creeper. I kept coming back again to trace its root. A plant of that nature couldn’t just grow from another tree’s trunk! I did not think it was that kind of a plant. And then, I dont know if it was perseverence or sheer charm cast upon me by that creeper, I had to try out some lateral thinking, try out options on where the root could be, and low and behold stands in front of me a tree of sorts with absolutely no leaves. Alive, but no leaves as far up as I could see. It was a creeper in a very tree-form. I had to search my memory bank for how bougainvillea creepers actually looked, the few roots of them that I had come across over a lifetime, and this unsuspecting, oh-just-another-shoot-amongst-them-all trunk seemed to match the profile. This cheerful patch of flowers blooms atop an adjacent tree amongst whose branches this leaf-less creeper dissappears into. Who would think that this tawny nondescript woody-shooted trunk would bloom such wonder up above. As I thought this thought, down drops a tripetalled bougainvillea flowerlet bright from the sunlight shining on its petals, bumped once against a leaf on its path down and down, down it dropped, just slow enough to land on my palm – a gentle reminder of the lesson this creeper taught me quietly this fine morning. Glorious the creeper looked, now that I could see it from root to bloom, alive with its silent message I happen to receive – a message there for anyone to see who cared to see. I could only thank it and then share the message with the rest of the folks gathered around waiting for the class to begin; “the tree gifted this to me !” as a reminder that appearances are deceptive, that the one who perseveres has its share of the sunlight, mind not perceptions for the fact outweighs opinions!

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