I am coming out!

…like from an egg ! (duh…and you thought something else?)

I have heard the phrase ‘coming out’ so often these days that it cannot not take on a life of its own, as such things probably happen in any system once something has been around for long enough. I seem to be ‘coming out’ in some ways just from being around in some spaces…sort of like once the stress of the space gets ‘tight’ enough that one needs to take a stand one way or the other and pop ‘comes out’ the stand for it can no longer take what it is not. I guess the trick is in sticking around long enough in any space until something gives way or something clarifies…and then one has a sort of better understanding of oneself and others, I guess.

I, in the attempt to get a picture that would probably ‘speak a thousand words’ without me having to write too much, tried Google Pictures and it seems that ‘coming out’ has just one meaning (at least thats what it seems like from the search), but ‘coming out’ can be anything, even something as simple as say, ‘I am a veggie in a tribe of cannibals’ (howzzat for dramatic effect?!). And I had to put in this second paragraph just so the message I thought worth putting out there does not get lost in just one color of what ‘coming out’ could mean. I think disambiguation is an important part of communication. I must be growing up.

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