A letter from Santa

I found this letter I somehow came around to writing, stacked away amongst my stuff in the attic. It was written to my ‘Angel’ during a game of Secret Santa. I wonder if it was really me who wrote it.

“Dear XXX:

By the time you read this letter, Secret Santa, the game of make-believe as you know it, would have come to a close and you would recognize YYY (author) to be the one who has been gifting you.

While you are still relating to YYY (author) as Santa, I thought I will leave you a message. You have been a good fellow these many years and I think it is about time we got reconnected.

I want you to consider that this game of Secret Santa has been going on since a very, very long time; in fact, ever since the time you stopped believing in me, Santa Claus. You see, for the little boy that you were all those years ago, a secret gift under a Christmas tree worked well enough. You were trusting, curious, and willing to believe in magic. As you grew up, you became more skeptical and started analyzing things, and became less willing to believe in magic, and so magic stopped being magic anymore, and with that you stopped believing in me. Yet, I have continued to gift you secretly though you may not have recognized me.

You see, the Santa with the beard, red overalls, big bag with lots of gifts on a reindeer does not work for the grown up boys and girls. At some point they all stop believing, just as you stopped believing. So, I spread myself out. I no more limited myself to just Christmas time, Christians, nighttime or to a particular body type! YYY (author) happens to be the one who picked the piece of paper with your name on it, so I took her image to give you my message in a game that is incidentally called Secret Santa! 🙂

I want you to consider that everything and everybody around you is both real as well as an image, an illusion as well as reality – a medium through which you receive messages specific to you that you most need to receive. I have been around you all these years, and have been gifting you through one or the other image – sometimes as one of your family, sometimes as your friend, you colleague, your neighbor, sometimes as a stranger on the street, sometimes in the form of a book, a sign on a billboard, a quote in a newspaper. You may not have recognized me, but surely you would know my gifts, for they are the ones you have most hoped for or most needed at a point in time. The gift may have been a little clue that guided you to something you most hoped to reach, maybe a little sign about future happenings that only you recognized for what it is, maybe an affirmation to ease you out of a doubt about something, maybe opened up a world for you with new possibilities. My gifts are usually a little magic at an unexpected time!

Hope you have enjoyed my gifts thus far.

I am always there around you. You just need to intuitively recognize me. Your five senses have a certain limit beyond which they cannot see/hear/feel/taste/smell. You have to go beyond them to be able to ‘see,’ ‘hear,’ ‘feel,’ ‘taste,’ ‘smell,’…in short, sense the big picture of what you call as reality is, and to know the illusion that it all also is. I exist in the world that is beyond your five senses. So, develop skills to know that world.

Happy learning! Happy discoveries!




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