Rewriting the past

Life happens. Life happened. I came to be..because of, in spite varying measures, but the thing is I came to be the way I am today and I like me very much. I like my concerns. I like my hopes. I like that I care. I like that I make allowances for. That I am humane when I can help myself from the sometimes reflexive aggression and offensiveness, which I see now are directly from being defensive where past experiences have had me revert to a strategy to preserve and protect where there may not have been time or effort possible to do anything otherwise but a certain manner..and which as a program runs itself over and over reflexively. It is not the past that one has control over, but it is more like a database, like a library, if you may, of how things have been, consequences, lessons learnt and could be learnt from past action and consequences and can be hence the annals of history. It is the present that any past can be refined and made any better to the extent that one is aware of a program conditioned from the past is playing itself..that the course of the program can be changed and hence the code changed and hence the consequence changed and thereby rewriting the past that is yet to be, so that the yet to be future when at that point in life be retrospected will not have the same past recorded but a newer story, one that perhaps will not have the same consequence as the pasts before it but more refined for the better..something that one may want to take a leaf from those pages of and store in the book of pleasant memories.

The past exists in my present and affects my future. That is all I need to know to enable me to make a choice – do I want it to be that way or do I want something changed in it?

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