Crazy or Autism Spectrum? Emperors new robe redefined (!)

I have heard a person labelled with Autism say ‘people think I am weird; I think I am fine and other people are weird.’

It is nice sometimes to be regarded crazy, which I think usually means ‘cannot understand and hence categorized into a box that is akin to miscellaneous’ because the brain is always trying to fit what it comes across into boxes to be able to understand and make sense of things, and it has a box for everything and every box has a label; it is just an easy way to organize things up in the attic, a sort of filing system. Now, the label of Autistic Spectrum disorder gives an interesting space; the disorder bit can be done without because that suggests ‘not ok and/or something wrong’ and it is not great to be in the ‘something wrong (with me!!) space.’ The Autistic Spectrum alone (for convenience I shall call it AS) is a label that takes away the stigma of being ‘crazy’ and yet gives space for being ‘whatever and whoever’, in short, a little laboratory space to play it out in the real world. Every person is unique without question because the circumstances in which birth happened is nuanced differently, the growing conditions are different for each, interpretation of what happens is different and called ‘subjective,’ cultural/socioeconomic backgrounds are different, and the experience of living in the midst of soo many variables gives rise to unique entities that may never have been formed before; there may be similar combinations but not exactly that combination, and that means that that combination of a person can do what only that combination of characteristics/traits can do, which may be something so totally different than any predictions because such a combination has never existed before, and there needs to be a space for that combination of a person to play out (or express) his/her uniqueness for which the label of Autism Spectrum offers the freedom to do so. Ok, I grant it that the acceptance of the word Autism Spectrum as it is getting more accepted to be today (versus an unaccepted label like HIV or mad, which has negative connotations) allows for the mind to try out the opportunity offered by the space of the label more than ever before (just as the freedom offered by the label ‘gay’ may offer to a person who is confined/restricted in the ‘conservative’ and hence an opportunity to be a rebel of the system perhaps. I am guessing that could be the reason why we have more ‘gay’ people ‘coming out in the open’ these days than ever before – because of the freedom from the confining space of the ‘norm’ represented by the word (apart from the actual psychosomatic reference to the term, that is). It can be stiffling to be ‘normal,’ especially when ‘normal’ is not clearly defined and is subject to interpretation. So, am I categorizable in the ASD box? I dont know but it sure is fun to be the quirky me as I try out this new robe. hehe.


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  1. I love this! Agree with everything you’ve said and hope you’re enjoying ‘coming out’ on the autistic spectrum, if that’s where you feel good.
    I always make a point of referring to it as ASP – autistic spectrum PERCEPTION, as the ‘disorder’ bit is pure chauvinism by those who can’t grasp where you’re coming from.
    I’m enjoying exploring the ideas in your blog. 🙂

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