Wording through an experience. Wordingthrough.

It is interesting how writing the nuances of a lived experience feels so much like an intimate moment, so bodily, like a massage or something. The experience then must necessarily have involved participation of the person through the little movements of the experience, which must be more than just physiology but also emotional and pscyhological, involving the core of a person. Creation then must be an intimate process, the process itself meandering through the closely held thought processes, personal in essence, to render the creation strength through it being a personal expression, as though an extension of the self to now speak for the person. It is scary to have ones closely held thoughts and beliefs laid exposed in the creation to be judged and commented upon; great if that which is exposed is something the person feels proud about and is generally accepted as being admirable, but not so great if that which is exposed is perpendicular to popular belief and may even be frowned upon by less discerning, judgmental eyes that places the created and through the created the creator in a vulnerable position. Wording through then becomes living through.


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  1. Beautifully expressed – and so very true.


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