Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

What do people listen to/look for/search for when listening, interacting with, exploring places and people, I wonder. What ticks a person? For sure, they don’t hear what I want them to hear, don’t see what I want them to see. They, more often than not, get a different story to the one I intend to be heard. Reminds me of an amoeba that puts forth its pseudopod blindly to hold onto something that is stable? Likes? Safe? And then once it finds such a surface, rolls its body into its pseudopod and then rests for a while until it does it all over again. The story of evolution then exists, not in the annals of history, but in our very everyday mannerisms of living. If there is the amoeba-like mind state, there is also the fish and snake and tiger and monkey and neandrathal and homo sapien-like mind states. I wonder who looks out at me from those eyes and what does it look at, and what does it see. I could go into the neurophysiological mechanics of what the living structure of a body with its anatomy and physiology makes possible, and also the limits, but none of that touches that which sees/feels/thinks/hears lives within the mechanisms of that biological body. A case of “knock, knock, who’s there?”

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