Alone in ones body

I must say that i am a bit disturbed by perceptions – that which is perceived from a perspective. What one chooses to do in a given set of circumstances and options offered thereof with the resources available at that moment. Is one a victim of circumstances or champion of a cause for the price of martyrdom and to what effect for all the trouble? is it about living a tough life, championing a cause, or flowing with the dynamics of life? where does ones loyalties lie? what is a person gravitated towards? More than what tics a person into action, what moves the soul? Of all the things that a person could do, if not being a superhuman handling every aspect after inspecting every detail, what if a person chooses to follow through with that which is more within the reach and hence doable or sees it as being doable in whatever circumstances existed or the person/the identity perceived as possible within the framework of beliefs and reinforced experiences brought about, limiting that which can be seen as doable, conditioning the nervous system into a particular format thereby forming the framework from which to see and live life. how alone then is the individual who owns such a framework. we each have just one body to live in and that body has space only for one life. Alone in ones personal experience of living.

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