– arises in the moment of separation between self and a second.
– a threshold between adequate nutrition/water/sleep and not.
– presences where there is overaccumulation of that which are past serving their purpose and/or present as memories for the sake of memories at which point memories become akin to objects/material and likely to obstruct due to their mere no-other-purpose existence and/or are meaningless.
– present where there is less of birth, and overly present where there is no movement and hence no living, and hence less life.
– present where there is compromise and the intensity of death’s presence is proportional to the degree of compromise. The fascist/sabotager is death in action.
– death is present seeking transcendence to life; is a force to reckon with and commands honor and respect that is a match to its force. Death has a life of its own and is not a thing/’it.’ Death is as much life as birth is. Is a great teacher and like all teachers requires due reverence.
– is a mighty partner to train with in combat, perhaps the only worthy partner to train with.
– death has the potency of life good enough to cause birth and once acknowledged is an ally to create. Like all forces, is to be worked with, not subservient, but faced in ones fullest capacity as is due to honor and respect death.
– death is not something to be disposed with but acknowledged as a living everyday presence. Death and birth are the two sides of the same coin called life. Imbalance is when the balance tips off to either side.
– creation is a direction that gets momentum in accordance with the balance between death and birth, is complex, and likely to be appreciated after death and birth have gotten due acknowledgment/understanding.
– quality of food, water, sleep, exercise, and cleanliness influences the quality of death present.
– death is a space/entity/force that has its own ground and existence and is present amongst all that there is, much like the basic forces of physics, just as birth is. It is like matter and energy; is in constant flux. Death exists just as matter or energy exist on their own grounds.
– death is also one of the places one could get comfortable hanging out in. Life is likely to be better appreciated.

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