Person within the person(s) within the persona(s)

One of the spaces in the condition of being human is that of self-worth and of being contact-worthy. This is in reference to the whole idea around being the opportunity for another and of that which would make it worth it for someone (anyone?) to contact the individual, and what one does to be contact-worthy. If it may supposed that each one of us are several personalities within the framework of a person and that ‘normal’ is these several personalities existing within the framework without clashes and that ‘multiple personality disorder’ is one or more personalities having clashes amongst themselves, then the words person and persona can have further depths in meaning. There is a person that is projected to be the face to each person one contacts (the persona); sometimes one persona for every person/group one contacts. There is then a person that the individual projects to him/herself as the ‘real’ one behind those several faces of ones personas (‘what I think of me to be’ may be different from ‘what I know of me to be,’ which may be regarded as another person). Then there is the real one who exists last in the line of the different person(s) and persona(s), with the persons and personas getting pruned as the individual matures (if ever). Each of those persons and personas deal with self-worth and contact-worthiness, is vulnerable and devices strategies to keep the contactors coming; in the course of surviving life; in the attempt to be amongst the living; in the attempt to live.

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