The initiation

A question. An answer that was not known before. The former is like knocking the door and the latter like the door opened to an unknown trail; no idea where it leads to but it opened the door and that was sufficient to cause a momentary take aback, a sort of surprise that it ever did happen – just sufficient to get the inquisitive puppy of a child’s mind that is ever present in a person no matter what the age to go a tiny bit of a hop ahead, like a rabbit, onto that trail, seeking to know what else there is. Sometimes the trail is kept to like a dog snooping with its nose close to the trail, hardly aware of happenings around, and you go quite a distance with several ‘new’ answers and the trail gets ‘juicier.’ Sometimes you hit against ‘familiar’ or something happens that you stop and look around and the alert system that goes off in your head when you stray away from the familiar gets you a bit uncertain. Doubts start creeping in ‘what am i doing’ ‘where does it lead to’ ‘is my thinking going haywire’ ‘what if it is dangerous’ ‘what will others think’ ‘what if im imagining things’ and you get anxious and hesitate to go further on the trail. Just when you are about to turn back is usually when it happens. It is like a sign. It is usually when there are many ‘new’ answers and you have gone quite a distance on the trail. It is usually something that cannot be explained other than by the answers from that trail. It is as though the trail puts a sign post in your face and you cannot deny having seen that, as though evidence that the trail is not imaginary. You pummel it with whatever you have known from the ‘familiar,’ you deny its existence but it stays in the back of your head teasing your intelligence to explain it. You check around with people who may know something/anything about it. Your conviction gets stronger, and follow the trail more deliberately is what you do in the face of such evidence that withstands the doubts from the ‘familiar.’ The trail has now initiated you.

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