The individual amongst the masses



It comes to me that in the end it is an individual journey – one person moving through ideas, cultures, beliefs, crowds, energies and whatever else there is outside of the individual’s world through which the individual needs to move through in the course of living. Living and movement is in the individual sphere – ‘me’ moved from point A to point B, as against ‘I’ (which implies the existence of ‘others’ that are not ‘I’ amongst who ‘I’ must meander and survive and thus ‘make it in life.’) Schools of thought, knowledge handed over in books and other media, beliefs conditioned from being exposed to schools of thought and handed-over knowledge and lenses crafted from them through which further info is interpreted still does not become ‘mine’ until ‘me’ picks up dot A and connects it to dot B and make sense in ‘my’ world. When there is coherence between ideas in ‘my’ world, no matter how varied it may be from all that has been believed or accepted as true outside the individual ‘me,’ by which ‘me’ can make sense of the randomness that the world seems to be, there is a little ground on which to walk amongst the crowd and the world seems less insane and/or overwhelming – a personal ‘theory of everything’ to make sense of the world and all that there is.

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