On being a medium… in the psychic sense (duh)

A medium. I may have had some experience on that one recently. How that works is no different from dancing to the automatic recordings of our several personas and identities that one goes into autopilot with every so often when one is not aware of and not making a conscious choice from the elements of the moment before acting. When action is on the instigation of no automatisms, then such actions are ‘your’ actions, else it is from a mechanism that is much like the autopilot of an airplane, sort of formulaes – when this happens, do this; when such conditions present themselves, these things are to be done – sort of delegated to the subconscious to run the show while the conscious is busy grazing out on some far off land or thinking about a problem’s solution. The medium. Be it the energy of the person that I am, or the energy of my different personas or ways of being, or the energy of another person or entity as a unit, it is all energy of different ‘intensities’ with its ability to move Matter being consistent with its ‘moveability,’ which then exerts a Force and moves Matter (I am sure a pure physicist would have their stomach churning for my terminology and definitions being all mixed up, but they are all Labels anyway while there is something that is trying to be referred to with such Labels). Each of us are influenced by the energies we come in contact with. When aware of the difference between ‘my energy’ and ‘not my energy,’ ones action can allowed to be a result of ‘my’ energy or ‘not my energy.’ I am glad I had this brief experience. Allowing things to come to me has its learning benefits, and it does not mean that I will be annihilated, as long as I have awareness and I know ‘my energy’ well enough that I can discern ‘not my energy’ as and when I encounter it, and there will always be a ‘me energy’ as long as I have life pulsing through my body.

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