Inner integrity

Consciousness. Conscientiousness. One as I understand is being aware and the other is being aware in reference to a principle of inner integrity, an integrity that over time would have me traverse a path that determines if in time I can face myself in the mirror and look into my eyes with dignity, for I know and my knowing that I know makes any second opinion secondary.

A particular story about a temple sculptor had me sit up and take notice. The story goes thus.  A king of a big dynasty wanted to build a temple of a particular deity and he commissioned our sculptor to do the work. Our guy diligently does an intricate work on the sculpture and gets the idol ready for its first puja.  A friend of his comes to visit him and asks to see his great work, and while our guy shows him the idol he notices that the idol had a little scratch on its crown.  Our sculptor points this out to his friend and says that the idol will have to be redone. The friend is baffled and tries to reason with the sculptor, that it is a little scratch and that the idol would be placed high up and away from any possible scrutiny and would hardly be noticed, to which our sculptor says ‘but I know.’

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