Swept off my feet

Swept/invited into a different dimension. Unexplainable, almost illogical, dreamt-like experience that perhaps defies time and space. Here is an attempt to capture the experience in words.

A gush of wind, of a force that sweeps me bodily off my feet on its current and carries me on a path in a particular direction, like there is a destination. It seemed like I was walking on a road when the wind carries me off my feet. Remember seeing a dog getting left below when I moved with the wind slightly above the road but moving onward, not flying off away from it. The first time had no idea of what happened, just a sense that i need to hold onto something but nothing available and it is not as if i would lose balance and fall, just that of a bodily conditioned need to hold onto something because off-terra firma is not a usual experience. Remember a fear of the unknown perhaps, also of the unfamiliar, and me bodily resisting the drift, of vaguely sensing that it is not my actual body being drifted on the wind ‘coz I could hold onto my pillow and not drift away, and then i was awake with a cool body sensation (disembodied and then back in body?). I could guess whats happening the second time it happened for the drift seemed vaguely familiar (it was some time since the first), only this time it did seem like the wind was more persuasive and increasing in force. Stranger still I hear a voice (sounded like my mothers!) asking me to go along with it. I refused to go. Remember fear of the unknown mixed with a resistance to comply with an instruction without knowing what this is all about (like the instructor knows something and I need to know that before I face the unknown (!)).

Wonder whatever that was. A near-death experience? A soul-out of body experience(!)? (have read about it in ‘I never promised you a rose garden’ by Joanne Greenberg). The timeframe seemed to be around when I did not seem much connected with the world (like nothing to hold me here?!) or perhaps at a low-tide on my ‘journey.’ I do remember though that it is around then that I did think about what it is that would keep me on earth (!) and what would be worth staying here (!). (metaphysical perhaps but speculatively wonder if death is a choice at some level).

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