Recognition. Brain’s machine parts clicking into place and ping! ‘I know this.’  It happens day in, day out. And with the ping! is recalled perhaps the most impressed-upon memory of when the same thing happened including perhaps the time, day, color(s) of clothes worn by participants, sounds, and maybe even smells -vivid, depending on the intensity of the impression on the brain.

There are other kinds (i guess, i know of at least one other). This one is a ping! without the time-space recall. A familiarity that covers multiple planes but without a specific incident to recall. A deja vu with a difference.

Paulo Coelho’s Aleph talks about it and Darrel Hayes’

…and this is about people.

Feels ‘at home.’

And it need not be restricted to people. It could be with locales/things, it could be even something encountered for the very first time ever. This may make more sense if  ‘alone in a crowd’ and ‘not at home in ones own home’ has a ‘recognizable’ meaning.

Guess it is a sensation (but then how do we know that we have only 5 senses, intuition is said to be the 6th, how do we know there is no 12th and 13th or 100th?) that is not limited by time and space…and has one pondering about the ‘past lives’ thought-line. How do I know that I am not part of a long story, a story where what I think to be this lifetime is not just a mere episode in it?

The present, as in this very moment, delimited by the counting clock called time, must encompass experience, feeling, sensation, knowledge, past, future, subtle, obvious, known, unknown all at once in this very moment. What becomes aware’d or not, what becomes significant or insignificant, what that that leads to must be the intrusion/hijacking of awareness by thoughts.  Considering the tendency to exclude something as irrelevant just because it does not make sense right now, it may be worthwhile considering that memory (the one that pings an ‘i know that’) is not a function of just the brain.

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