Smile. There are so many varieties of it. And so many that pass as one.

There is one which barely plays on the lip, barely makes a movement of any muscle on the face, but the onlooker responds with at least a thought of one if not a real smile.

There is one which widens the lip, bares teeth, barely reaches the eye, and gives the impression that the wearer of it has put on a mask (!), which probably is the case for from behind it the person is all set for some querilla warfare!

Then there is the escaped smile. It comes with an averted glance, a body language that says ‘i want a cover.’ This one is the secret-revealer, or at least hints at a secret somewhere not too far from the surface.

The knowing smile on the other hand has a direct look, and then it could be either covert or overt knowing. A covert one will have a direct look or perhaps a slight under-the-lashes look if not a

The ‘I seen it’ smile has a corner-of-the-eye glance and a smile playing on the lip very briefly, almost like an escape smile. The body language says ‘i seen it’ but dont want you to know ‘i seen it’ and the smile happens to have ‘escaped’ from the bag.

The ‘I seen it!’ smile is when you are caught at something you dont want known and the catcher gives you the ‘i seen it!’ with a twinkle in the eye, a wide grin if not a guffaw, and a gleeful look about the face. (There could of course be variations in it with smiles ranging from subtle to overt, but a ‘let you know i seen it’ would be the common idea).

Look-down-the-nose smile. A mixture of arrogance and judgementalism. Makes the receiver feel somehow ‘exposed.’

look-up-the-brow smile. It is somehow piercing, has that ‘seen through you’ feel about it.

Realization-dawned smile.

Realization-seen-on-ur-face smile. Its a slow one, this one. That is if the wearer of it is not a habitual poker facer! Meaning, the smile reaches the lip a little later than the eye. This one starts in the eye.

Watery smile/cry smile. This one is a ‘heart’ wrencher and rare. I guess this one has something to do with the inbuilt suppress/inhibit button or the ‘be civil’ button that normally keeps tears well in check. The reason that brought on this one must have touched a raw nerve deep within. The receiver cant be left ‘untouched.’

Monkey sneer (yeah that passes for a smile too). It has the wearer barring teeth with the lips framing it pretty wide, attempting a ear-to-ear, and yes, ape’ing a monkey. It is an open mockery and akin to saying “go on, make a fool of yourself, and i am soo amused (sarcastically).”

Photo smile. Most easy to spot, even a little coquet of a baby has it these days. All it takes it to bring a camera to view – video or photo doesnt matter. It is ready, pre-set, and waiting for any camera to call it ‘on’..and can go ‘off’ just as quickly as it came.

Menacing smile.

condescending smile

embarrassed smile

hurt smile

arrogant smile

sheepish grin

fox grin

kind smile

secret smile

There is one that starts in the lip, moves to the eye, spills out of the eye, spreads out all over the face, and lights up the whole face. Thats the kind that breaks the dam of resistence and generates almost equivalent responses from all around. A genuine smile.

Wiki (pedia!) says that a smile is a dance between the orbicularis oculi muscles (the ones that connect the eye with the mouth) and the zygomatic major muscles (the ones the connect the cheek bones with the mouth). Interesting how a combination of muscle movements tells its own story to the receiver and tells so much about its wearer.

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