You see me now, you see me not

Its all about perspectives. One perspective, you see one kinda world. Another perspective, you see a different world. Your persona gets to see one aspect of people and circumstances and behaves accordingly. The person, the real you, that is sans the pretenses, sees something different of the same people and circumstances and should you ‘dash the dots’ the impressions had by any one of the aspects of you, you may find that each have different versions of a story and live a different life owing to its perspective.

Such is the case with living a ‘visible’ and an ‘invisible’ life. The visible is where there is a certain significance to whatever is said/done/created. Recognition, gratitude, worth, image – its all important, and needs to be right. Persona has a lot to do with it. Identity, very much yes. It is an interesting world, interesting life that is visible by being ‘visible.’

Being ‘invisible’ is where, I find, lies a lot of fun. No shackles about what impact it would have on my image or about doing something right/wrong/good/bad. It is fun. It must be where the person within has full play. Nothing much to talk about. Feels something like how the primordial element, the ‘thing’ that is the mother of creation, that Socrates and his disciples spoke about, the thing referred to as Tao; too soon to say this perhaps, but whether true or not, it is a space for creation with a lil twist. Everyone goes invisible when it becomes a matter of survival, I guess, when it is a do/die, all shams drop and you do what needs be done and a part of it may be in the invisible mode.

First read about ‘invisibility’ as a way of being in a short essay I accidentally stumbled upon on the internet.

On further thought I found it need not be limited to writing. It could be a way of living. It sure is fun.

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