Compromise..and the price?

It is easy to want to compromise when what you get seems like what you are looking for with a few buts around it. ‘Afterall you cant expect things to be perfect,’ ‘I shouldnt keep my expectations too high,’ ‘adjustment is a part of life,’ ‘I dont have to be too hard on myself,’ ‘better to settle on this..maybe I cant find better,’ ‘what if I lose even this almost close semblance and be left out on sea again.’

Compromise – living with those buts and okays and ‘its alright,’ allowing that discomfort to be a part of things, spoiling things, that little but making its presence felt and thereby alowing for that rent that eventually leaks and prevents from building anything strong. the strength of a compound is equivalent to the strength of the weakest bond. that little ‘its okay’ is then the strength of the foundation upon which anything further needs be built. is it worth being ok?..and the ok is not about something not being out there, but about being ok and allowing for that not being there. It is in the person that tolerates that..and that allowing for eing ok will also come up in things that really matter. The weakness is in the tool that creates, which then creates things consistent with the weakness within. It is a mere reflection of what is within.

So, is it worth a compromise?

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